Page Directory Directory The telephone directory can store the names and telephone numbers of up to twenty of your business associates, clients, contacts, friends and relatives for easy dialing. Page Entering Names Entering Names You can program names to correspond with numbers you have entered into the Direc- tory or a memory key. The following paragraphs explain how to enter letters using the dial pad. Press L twice. The screen indicates Press N or J to exit the Directory at any time.

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The left side lets you erase letters; the right side lets you move to the next letter when entering names. Page 6: Basic Installation Basic Installation This section contains the information you need to install your telephone.

Connecting the handset cord Attach the handset cord Attach one end of the handset cord to the handset and the other end to the handset jack. Connecting the line cord on Line1 Attach the line cord Attach one end of the line cord to jack number 1 and the other end of the line cord to the wall Page 7: Connecting An Optional Fax Machine Connecting an optional Fax machine Connect a facsimile machine or modem Connecting the power adaptor Attach the power adaptor cord Attach the power adaptor to the base of the telephone, where the warning symbol is marked.

Then connect the power adaptor into the closest electrical outlet. Page 8: Optional Wall Mounting Optional Wall Mounting Lower the stand into the slots on the base of the telephone, as shown in the desk or wall mount illustration above. Slide the stand back until it clicks into the locked position, as shown in the desk or wall mount illustration above. Place your on a table or hang on a wall. Page Personalizing Your Phone Personalizing your phone The has seven options to personalize your phone.

Move the sliding panel which is located below the display and press the Set Options key to see each of the choices. You can change any of the seven feature options by following the change procedure at the bottom of the page. Setting your options Change the display language You have a choice of display messages in one of two languages. Enter the number using the dial pad. Page Saving Subscribed Services In Memory Saving subscribed services in memory You can save telephone company features in memory for easy one key access.

Contact your telephone company for more information. Keeping track of your calls The stores up to 15 incoming calls in the Callers List. The works with your voice mail system.

Page Using Your Features Using your features The gives you control of you time and your business with its own built-in services. Dialing with one key The lets you dial the number and wait for the party you are calling to answer before you pick up the receiver. You can also adjust ringer volume and tone in the Set Options list, as long as the ringer has not been turned OFF. Let the telephone ring at least twice before answering. Page 20 General inquiries If you have read the guide and you still have questions, call in Canada and the USA.

In other areas, contact your telephone company.


Aastra Meridian 9216 User Manual



Nortel / Aastra M9216 1 Line Analog Desk Phone - Black - Refurbished


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