It is best to have your instrument next to you while reading the manual and to try out each step as it is described. If any of these items are missing or damaged please contact your supplier. Page 8 If at any time during the function test the display does not correspond to either of the diagrams on the left, please notify the Roche Diagnostics service see pages 97 and The time must also be changed from summer to win- ter time and vice versa, and 29 February must be entered in a leap year.

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Accutrend GCT System is a combo monitoring unit for cholesterol, blood glucose and triglycerides, all in a fast, easy and reliable measurement process. The Accutrend GCT System is most suitable for accurate on-site screening, diagnosis, and therapy monitoring of metabolic disorders and cardiovascular risk factors.

With these three tests to assess critical health indicators combined in one quick blood test process, you could ask for a more practical medical device that the GCT System. What do you get with this blood glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides testing device? Measure three important health parameters - cholesterol, blood glucose and triglycerides in one easy process, leaving you in better control of your health. With the GCT System, you easily do these tests on your own, at your convenience, with accurate, dependable results.

A fast measurement process: Get the results in a matter of seconds and minutes: blood glucose - 3 seconds, cholesterol - 3 minutes max, triglycerides - less than 3 minutes, when you use the Accutrend GCT System. On target high relevance:. Daytime capillary measurement of triglycerides, as used for this measurement, allows realistic assessment of cardiovascular risk even in normolipidemic subjects. Memory back-up: The Accuchek GCT System lets you keep track of the trend by using its memory function to store your measurements, up to 50 glucose, 20 cholesterol and 50 triglyceride values.

Logging event code facility, too: Document the circumstances of your measurement example: "while fasting". This helps the doctor when results are reviewed The GCT System, while greatly suited for clinical testing, is also personal testing made easy. This is one major self-testing device to put you in good control of the direction of your health, even as you strive for the accomplishments you desire. And if you are running a screening campaign, or just for use in your clinic, this is a tool for quick, reliable testing.


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