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This thermometer takes temperature in seconds by measuring the heat generated by the ear or the surface skin of forehead. It has the following advantages: 1 4-in-1 design Measures the ambient temperature and the body temperature in the ear or on the forehead. Page 5 English Icons on the Unit Read the instructions carefully before use and keep them for your future reference!

It does not replace consulting a physician! But the whole thermometer should not be immersed into any liquid. When the temperature of the Measured temperature too low. When the environment tem- Ambient temperature too high or perature exceeds the working too low. Page 10 English 1 Method of setting Press the power button to switch the thermometer on. Open the battery cap on the back, press the time- Picture setting button to start hour hour number flashes and 6.

Picture 7. Page Battery Power And Replacement English Battery Power and Replacement When the quantity of electric charge is not sufficient, the icon of low battery will appear on the lower part of the screen.

Though the battery still can be used, it would be perfect to replace it Refer to the Picture 9. Picture 9. Environmental protection Do not dispose of this device with the normal household waste. Return it to public collection points for recycling. By doing so, you will contribute to environmental protection. Rysunek 7. Rysunek 9.


AEG FT 4925 Termometr



AEG FT 4925 Instruction Manual


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