This interview has been viewed times. Interview with Angela Verdenius Who are your favorite authors? Oohh - so many! Gemma Halliday, J.

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This interview has been viewed times. Interview with Angela Verdenius Who are your favorite authors? Oohh - so many! Gemma Halliday, J. Mathewson, Brian Keene and so many more - a variety of authors from a variety of genres from romance to thrillers to horror.

What do your fans mean to you? I write for them as well as myself. When a fan contacts me, they always leave me with a smile on my face - I cherish those emails. What are you working on next? A new series with new characters and pets!

What inspires you to get out of bed each day? Pretty much what makes most of us get out of bed! Plus each day is a gift I work as a nurse in Palliative Care , so a new day is always something to get up for. How do you discover the ebooks you read? Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?

I always wanted to eat those yummy picnics they always seemed to be having What do you read for pleasure? This depends on my mood, as I read horror, thrillers, police procedures, romance, urban fantasy, true supernatural, cosy mysteries and some history What is your e-reading device of choice? I have a kindle.

It was the first one I ever bought and that was some years ago - its one of the originals with the grey background and keyboard. I love it. Describe your desk Hmmm What motivated you to become an indie author? I wrote for two epublishers who were really good to me, but I had some bad experiences with other publishers as many of us do. I decided that I wanted to be in control of my own writing, writing what was in my heart, what I wanted to write, to take the characters where I wanted them to go, to have control over covers and stories, etc.

Even with publishers you need to do all your own marketing and promo, so I thought I might as well take that extra step and control everything. Oh geez, now I sound like a control freak! In my day job I have bosses. In my writing job, I am the boss! What is the greatest joy of writing for you?

Creating characters and stories that leave people smiling and feeling good about themselves. The world can be a tough place, and escapism is something I believe we all need. And smiling and feeling good?

That gets us through the tough times and reminds us that the world can also be a wonderful place. How has Smashwords contributed to your success? They opened up a whole new world to me. It was with Smashwords that I first started indie pubbing. I cannot recommend them enough. Published Smashwords Interviews are created by the profiled author, publisher or reader.

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By: Angela Verdenius Prologue The lounge room was old fashioned, nothing looked liked it had been updated in years. The carpet was old, faded, the furniture heavy, crocheted doilies of some kind draped over the headrests of the bulky armchairs and sofa. In the corner of the room a grandfather clock ticked the seconds past. From the kitchen came the murmur of voices, one light and hesitant, the other gravely and steady. His mother and his uncle were talking.





Angela Verdenius


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