Kagatilar This active complementation by the reader causes him to wonder at any instant whether the formulation of the meaning he is performing is adequate for the reading he is carrying out. It is certainly possible to use psychology to clarify the interpretation and valuation of literary works, and it is also possible to proceed in the same manner regarding sociology, philosophy, history and other disciplines which, supported by their theoretical constructs, can help the reader to understand the fundamental concepts that may have been used to elaborate a literary plot. Psychology in Literature A Psychology as a Perspective for the Reception of Literature Leite believes that, in the creation of a work of art, the author goes beyond angdnot superficial and apparent aspects of everyday life reached from a historical and sociological perspective in the search of what, by being expressed about the human psychological condition, will continue to be valid in highly diverse situations. Judging that a coachman whose face we represent in an obscure maner has mustaches is seeing his face appear with mustaches This involvement with the text is seen as a type of tangle in which what is strange will be understood and assimilated. Iser applies them to our activity of reading successive sentences. What is the legitimacy of this process?

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