Plot summary[ edit ] The story revolves around five humans: Jake, Marco, Cassie, Rachel and Tobias, and one alien, Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill nicknamed Ax , who obtain the ability to transform into any animal they touch. Naming themselves "Animorphs" a portmanteau of "animal morphers" , [6] they use their ability to battle a secret alien infiltration of Earth by a parasitic race of aliens resembling large slugs called Yeerks, that can take any living creatures as a host by entering and merging with their brain through the ear canal. The Animorphs fight as a guerilla force against the Yeerks who are led by Visser Three. Throughout the series, the Animorphs carefully protect their identities; the Yeerks assume that the Animorphs are a strike force sent by the Andalites, the alien race to which Ax belongs that created the transformation technology, to prevent them from conquering Earth. Though the Animorphs can assume the form of any animal they touch to acquire the DNA, there are several limitations to the ability. The most vital is that they cannot stay in animal form for more than two hours, or they will be unable to return to human form and the morphs become permanent.

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The Experiment "So let me get this straight. We have to rescue a paralyzed Chee from a stolen goods warehouse before the Controllers get her. Is that pretty much it? Applegate , is the twenty-seventh book in the Animorphs series. It is the eighth book narrated by Rachel and the sixth book with Rachel as the sole narrator. So, when they discover that the Chee — including their friend, Erek — are in trouble, they have no choice but to help. So far down that no human has ever travelled there — and survived.

And the Animorphs realize what will happen if Visser Three discovers the valuable secrets of the Chee. One of which is the Animorphs Barely managing to get him away in time, they discover all of the Chee are having problems with certain aspects of their technology, particularly their holograms, owing to interference with the Pemalite ship hidden in the ocean.

Of all the Chee, two are currently still in danger, while the rest have successfully hidden themselves. After rescuing Lourdes, they have to travel to the bottom of the ocean, to fix the problem of the malfunctioning holograms, but have problems thinking of the morph they could use to go so deep into the ocean.

Cassie finds the solution: morphing into a giant squid. However, none of the group had acquired that morph or had any idea where to get it — though they know for a fact that sperm whales capture giant squids. The Animorphs locating the Pemalite ship in giant squid morph. They are stuck on what to do next until they find out that a sperm whale has conveniently beached nearby, so Rachel and Tobias acquire it and dive to find a squid.

Upon finding and battling one, the group all acquire it and release it, and then dive to the Pemalite ship. They notice several Yeerk Bug fighters en route to the Pemalite ship as well, following the signal. When the Animorphs reach the ship first, they use the single-digit access code to infiltrate it and fix the Chee programming, but then a self-destruct sequence is initiated too. The Yeerks also emerge into the ship, and the group must stand and fight them before allowing them to gain control.

The Yeerks and Animorphs are forced to leave the ship, and the Chee have their holograms restored.


The Exposed

Full review here at the thelibraryladies. Narrator: Rachel Plot: Again, another book that I remembered very little about. I meanlike nothing. I remember this cover, and the obvious fact that it has to do with them having to deep dive in the ocean for some reason. But since its a Rachel book, I knew going in that somehow things would get tense.


Book Review: Animorphs #27, The Exposed

This time I blasted through another Animorphs book, because you know how much your friend Jonny loves his animal-morphing friends. This one is titled The Exposed, and is the 27th book in the series. Finally at the halfway point, yeehaw! Blurb: To rescue their android friends, the Chee, the Animorphs must use a giant squid morph to get to the Chee ship deep in a trench beneath the ocean. And they must reach the ship before Visser Three does.

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