Wheat Grass Juice for Cancer April 22, For cancer, you need green juices — not sugary juices like carrot and apple. This is true for heart disease too. Use a multi-purpose Juicer like Samson to juice wheatgrass The late Dr. Ann Wigmore used wheat grass juice and living foods to heal cancer.

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Wheat Grass Juice for Cancer April 22, For cancer, you need green juices — not sugary juices like carrot and apple. This is true for heart disease too.

Use a multi-purpose Juicer like Samson to juice wheatgrass The late Dr. Ann Wigmore used wheat grass juice and living foods to heal cancer. Many of her patients wrote books testifying to this, e. Eydie decided to decline surgery, chemo and radiation. Instead she turned her life over to wheatgrass juice and living foods.

She even built a greenhouse to grow her own vegetables! Eydie Mae describes how the cancerous lump in her breast slowly shrank then disappeared. The GoGreen Automatic Sprouter easily gives you a fresh tray daily of wheatgrass, baby greens and sprouts, with no labor! Ann Wigmore writes in Our Precious Pets : "Working with nature means using living foods as God has made them, uncooked, unrefined, unprocessed and whole, and giving them to ourselves, our children and our pets.

We use juicing , blending , fermenting , and dehydrating. But a fatty raw pizza does not count! And wheatgrass juice! Your disease is like alcoholism. In my experience, living foods are the key to incredible health and energy : Wheatgrass Therapy for Cancer Dr. Ann Wigmore confirms in her book, Naturama Living Textbook : "The most effective therapy which we have discovered for cancer at the Institute consists of wheatgrass chlorophyll cocktails and live foods which are taken in an atmosphere of happiness and thankfulness.

The type of nourishment we get from indoor gardens will keep our bloodstream and the cells well nourished, enabling the circulatory system to carry away the poisons. By cleansing the blood stream and taking care of deficiencies, the body will be able to heal the problem. By cocktail she simply means mixed with other juices to improve taste, such as cucumber, apple, other leafy greens.

I like to add a little ginger, say one-inch piece. How Much Wheatgrass Juice? Ann recommended that when you wake, drink 2 glasses of warm water with the juice of one lemon.

Then take an enema to thoroughly evacuate your colon. You can dilute it with as much pure water as you want. Later in The Wheatgrass Book Dr.

Ann writes: The right way to use wheatgrass juice is in small amounts throughout the day, always on an empty or nearly empty stomach On a healing regime, I suggest that you drink one or two ounces up to three or four times a day. Drink at least 2 quarts liters of warm water a day. He found, doing tests on laboratory animals, that even small amounts of abscisic acid proved to be deadly to any form of cancer.

Ann says you can have small meals of leafy greens, sprouts and vegetable fruits, or sweet fruits. Vegetable fruits are those with seeds, such as red and yellow sweet peppers, cucumber, tomato, and summer squash also called zucchini, courgette, baby marrow. Most green peppers are unripe red or yellow pepper, so I avoid them. This was before Dr. Try to give your digestive system as much rest as possible. If you feel the need for extra fat, then drink seed milks.

The protein in seeds is tougher to digest than the protein in leafy greens. Too much protein feeds cancer. Ann advised to avoid sprouted grain crackers with seed cheese, if you have cancer. Leave out anything that comes from a face! All cooked foods are taboo.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the true human diet, just as grass or green leaves are the natural diet for so many animals. Today we have scientific research such as The China Study by Dr.

Colin Campbell and Power Plants by Drs. It is quite clear that the war against cancer will not be won only by molecular biology techniques in the near future. Eating a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables is the single greatest thing you can do to prevent disease and increase the quality of your life. Vegetarians have the lowest rates of chronic disease and the highest life expectancy of any population.

The China Study When Dr. Then he discovered that plant proteins have the opposite effect, they shrink tumors. My note: the best source of plant protein is leafy greens. Have you seen how muscular the buffalo are? They can even fight their way out of the jaws of a crocodile. All they eat is grass! So there you have it. This is true for organic dairy too.

All milk has casein. Scary stuff, eh? Wanting to test humans, not just rats, Dr. The Project results? Campbell writes in his book The China Study , read it in google books , page : "The strength and consistency of the majority of the evidence is enough to draw valid conclusions. Namely, whole plant-based foods are beneficial, and animal-based foods are not. Few other dietary choices, if any, can offer the incredible benefits of looking good, growing tall and avoiding the vast majority of premature diseases.

The results of this study, in addition to a mountain of supporting research I stopped eating meat fifteen years ago, and I stopped eating almost all animal-based foods, including dairy, within the past six to eight years My family has also adopted this way of eating. One step at a time, you can do it!


The Wheatgrass Book: How to Grow and Use Wheatgrass to Maximize Your Health and Vitality

Why should I drink wheatgrass juice? Wheatgrass juice will provide you with more energy by fulfilling nurtitional deficencies and by removing wastes that clog your cells, blood, tissues and organs. I firmly believe that even so called "healthy" people can live their lives at an even higher level of energy and mental concentration. We have all read the horror stories concerning environmental hazards that our bodies are subjected to as a result of our highly developed industrial and technical lifestyles: all forms of pollution air, water, sound, etc. When the body is subjected to these hazards it loses its balance, resulting in loss of energy, inability to concentrate, and depression, not to mention other more devastating degenerative conditions. It has been scientifically shown that wheatgrass juice neutralizes these environmental toxins, allowing the body to balance itself and operate at maximum efficiency. How much wheatgrass juice should I drink each day?


Wheat Grass Juice for Cancer


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