The Spark was large, knobby and brought tactile performance to the purely software environment. The SparkLE is here! Arturia have wisely retained the touch-sensitive FX Live pad, its six buttons the gateway to global or instrument-level tweaking. Although there are still only eight drum pads to hit, they are solid enough to endure the most frenzied finger-tapping.

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SparkLE Redefining the Drum Machine Combining the power of analog synthesis, physical modeling and samples with the intuitive workflow of a portable hardware drum machine, SparkLE is a highly creative beat production center. By combining the amazing sounds, workflow and creative tools of the Spark 2 software with the high-quality SparkLE controller, Arturia has created the ultimate beat-creating powerhouse. It may be small, but the SparkLE hardware gives you direct access to all of the features you need when making patterns, writing automation and performing live.

A neoprene bag is included, perfect for taking your beats to the streets. Press Clipping "The fun factor involved with using this hybrid drum machine is high, and its compact, tough and portable chassis lends itself to being taken out on the road. I seriously have not enjoyed the act of banging out patterns on a drum machine this much since the original MPC.

The body itself is really nice; super rugged, thanks to some sort of super futuristic plastic. INFO "Anyone looking for an affordable drum machine with the sound of the classics and the flexibility and usability of current software and on top of that would like to operate by hand and not with a mouse, I only can recommend this combination.

And it does sound top notch too! SparkLE is a truly versatile tool for a musician on the go! Create stunning live performances with the advanced Looper and beat slicer functions. Quickly load projects, kits and instruments using the jog dial encoder.

Write automation and control your sounds in real-time with the 3 assignable encoders and the 3 Instrument modes on the XY pad. Tune mode lets you play your sounds chromatically across the 16 buttons or the 8 pads.

Sound Corner An all live kit with all the Chic fixings for a classic disco vibe. Dreaming Shadow Samuel Severino A minimal techy kits with clean sparse percussion. Expendable Samuel Severino A harder experimental kit with decimated drums.

Savage Samuel Severino Driving funky hardcore with classic Amen breaks worked in there. Blank Thought Concrete Break Beat with horn hits. Can you Dance Swaying hip hop break with heavy stabs. So much control The SparkLE hardware and the Spark software make up a sophisticated beat creation environment that gives you a hands-on, inspiring and unique way to create patterns, sounds and live performances.


Arturia SparkLE



Arturia Spark 2 User Manual


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