Several factors come into play when choosing the location of a new BIXI station. BIXI station locations are based on three main criteria: population density more residents per km2 means more stations travel generators i. Various stakeholders are involved in the process, including the different boroughs, the cities where BIXI stations are in operation, as well as public transportation companies. BIXI holds an occupancy permit for each of its stations.

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The name[ edit ] BIXI is a hybrid between "Bicycle" and "Taxi" to underline the concept of being able to use a bicycle just like a taxi. The name was coined by Michel Gourdeau who won a public competition to find the best name for the service when it was first introduced in Montreal. The prize for the winner was a BIXI pass for life.

System components[ edit ] A complete station is made up of a pay station, bikes, and bike docks where the bikes are kept , which are fitted into modular platforms that are powered by solar panels. These platforms are the base and electronic ports for pay stations and bike docks.

Bike stations can be created, expanded, configured and removed in about half an hour, monitored by a real-time management system. Excavation or preparatory work is not required, allowing the installation of a bike station as an addition to on-street parking. These modular docking stations are formed by a combination of groups of four docks.

Maintenance and repair of the system is simple because of a removable module present in every docking station which contains the locking system and all necessary parts that allow the system to function. In case of repairs, this module can be replaced with an identical one immediately, reducing the down-time of the system. The locking system is based on an energy efficient motor used in the medical sector.

The principal inventor of these systems is Charles Khairallah, [5] president of Robotics Design, [6] [7] [8] [9] with co-inventor Michel Dallaire, president of Michel Dallaire Industrial Design. Pay station[ edit ] Users can rent a bike using a subscriber key a "BIXI key" obtained through a long-term online subscription 30 days or annual or an access code provided by the pay station hour or hour access. Pay stations are touchscreen-operated and only accept credit cards. A button is used to notify BIXI mechanics of bicycles requiring servicing.

The bike[ edit ] The bicycles are utility bicycles with a unisex step-through frame and three gears. The one-piece aluminum frame and handlebars hide cables in an effort to protect them from tampering and harsh weather conditions. The heavy-duty tires are designed to be puncture-resistant and are filled with nitrogen gas to maintain proper pressure for longer.

White LED lights are found in the front of the bike. A trip that lasts longer than this no-charge time period gets additional charges, on an increasing price scale. The increasing price scale is meant to keep the bikes in circulation. Montreal Rates not including the subscription : [13] time first 30 or 45 minutes up to 60 minutes.





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