Your headset is a Bluetooth V2. Page 6 BlueAnt Getting Started Before you can use your headset, you must do the following two things: 1. Fully charge The larger ear gel is Pairing will create a stored

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Page 2 4. What is the difference between Handsfree and Headset Bluetooth Profiles? How do I know if my devices are connected? Can I connect more than one device to my Z9i at the same time? How far can my mobile be from the Z9i and still remain connected? Page 3 How do I do There are so many button combinations to remember. What can I do? I have read all the solutions in this document but I still cannot get my Z9I to work properly.

Page 4 2. What is included in the Z9i package? Page 5 Can I use the Z9i to listen to music from my mobile? Some mobiles can send music to the Z9i using the Handsfree profile but it will be a mono signal and sound a bit like an AM radio. Page 6 What is the best practice for taking care of my BlueAnt Device? Page 7 When Bluetooth is turned ON, on your phone you will see a Bluetooth symbol appear on your main screen that changes slightly colours invert or arrows appear when connected to the Z9i.

Some phones show a Headset or Car symbol to notify you that the devices are connected. Page 8 Page 10 2. If you have already paired 3 different phones to the Z9i you will need to reset it to pair a new device. To Reset the Z9i, Short press all three buttons, this will delete all pairing information and enter pairing mode. Page 11 6. Why is the Z9i noisy and distorted? Turn the Z9i Volume down to a level that does not give echo or feedback.

Also turn the volume down on your phone. A low battery can also cause bad voice quality. Please charge the headset. Page 12 If you cannot connect to a previously paired and connected phone, go to the Bluetooth menu in the phone, select the Z9i and Press Connect. Some phones may require this if it is the second device used. You do not have to re-pair the devices just manually connect. Page 13 How do I upgrade the firmware for my Z9i? In order to upgrade the firmware on your Z9i you will need to purchase a USB cable and have access to a PC with internet access.

Log onto the support section of our web site www. I have read all the solutions in this document but I still cannot get my Z9i to work properly. Please make an enquiry to customercare blueantwireless.


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