Some people have told me they use abbreviated training routines, but on investigation I discovered that they use nothing of the sort. For most hardgainers a maximum of only five or six exercises per workout produces much better results. Some people have told me they use the big compound exercises, but on investigation I discovered that more than half of the exercises they use are isolation movements. Some people have told me they use good form, but on investigation I discovered they use a travesty of good form.

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The Bastion of Drug-Free Bodybuilding instruction For hardgainers and other bodybuilders Are you struggling to build muscle? Are you a hardgainer? Most bodybuilders make little progress simply because the conventional bodybuilding methods they apply suck.

Quickly become your own expert personal trainer. The guidance for building muscle, losing fat and improving fitness is the same for men and women. The benefits from proper bodybuilding training are extensive for both sexes.

The visible benefits are the most obvious, but there are many internal benefits that improve health and fitness. Those methods create hardgainers. Set aside the myths and traditions that have limited your bodybuilding progress. And be prepared for radical if not revolutionary training concepts. If you need help to customize the general training advice to suit your particular needs and circumstances, consider having Stuart as your personal coach for a few consultation sessions.

I have a story to tell only because I survived my mental torment, recognized I had a serious problem, sought help, and turned my life around.

My struggles started in earnest when I was 15 years old, in The consequences were grave. Our other books.


Does Abbreviated Training Work?

Shelves: sport Очень нудное начало, в котором автор раз повторил про использование элитными спортсменами анаболиков, а также что у них куча времени на тренировки и куча денег на хорошее питание. Далее в книги также продолжает звучать этот лейтмотив, причем только в одном месте он упоминает о том, что анаболики вредны для здоровья. В итоге выглядит как реклама анаболиков, и что данная книга нужна только тем нищенствующим элементам, у кого недостаточно денег на полноценный тренинг и стероиды. Если же Очень нудное начало, в котором автор раз повторил про использование элитными спортсменами анаболиков, а также что у них куча времени на тренировки и куча денег на хорошее питание. Если же отбросить это, то книга отличная.


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I know, because he changed mine. After several years of devoting myself to training according to his recommendations, I went from nondescript to large, muscular, and powerful beyond my wildest expectations. I devoured his first book, BRAWN, the very evening it arrived in my mailbox all the way from Cyprus, sometime around The next day, I began implementing the methods he wrote about in the book. Crusader for them would be more accurate.


Inside the Mind of Stuart McRobert — Training Advice You're Not Following

Tojagul McRobert started weight training at age 15, and began writing articles on weight training while attending college in Liverpool, England. See all 28 reviews. English Choose a language for shopping. Watson Davis rated it really liked it Feb 26, He still practices what he teaches, and as he approaches age cmrobert he continues to be strong, lean, flexible, and fit. Many of these men are also taking other illegal drugs to combat some of the negative side effects of taking steroids.

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