Cam Jansen and the chocolate fudge mystery. Summary Cam Jansen is no ordinary little girl. She has a photographic memory and a knack for solving mysteries. On this afternoon, Cam and her friend Eric are going door to door selling chocolate bars and rice cakes to raise money for a charity. Cam notices a suspiciously dressed woman and a yellow house that appears to be vacant. Soon Cam, Eric, her dad and the neighbors to the yellow house see a suspicious man on the porch of the house.

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This is a blog for my graduate level class. When she see something she thinks is important, she closes her eyes and says click. Then she has the image forever. She uses this skill to solve crimes. When her friend Eric and herself are out selling chocolate bar and rice cakes for charity they see a suspicious looking woman. They follow her to see what she does. The soon discover that she may be helping a bank robber who may be hiding in a house.

When she is corned in the groceries store the woman takes off her disguise and tries to blend into the crowd but Cam can remember her shoes and helps the police catch her. At the end, Cam, Eric, and Mr. Jansen watch the bank robber being taken to jail. Cam Jansen and the chocolate fudge mystery.

My Impressions: This is a good book to introduce younger elementary kids to mysteries. The plot is not overly complicated and the students could solve it. It moves at a fast enough pace to keep them interested and there are no extra facts. This is important for young readers because too much information will turn them off to the genre.

Professional Review: Cam short for Camera Jansen and her faithful companion, Eric Shelton, encounter yet another mystery as they try to raise funds for charity by selling fudge bars and rice cakes. They never do explain the mystery of that unlikely combination. This time Cam spots a woman behaving suspiciously in the vicinity of a supposedly vacant house. Cam satisfies the childhood fantasy of being smarter than adults and dealing successfully with mystery and danger, and young readers seem to be able to tolerate the clicks and to suspend reality in order to marvel at her wonderful ways.

Another fix for the beginning readers who demand mystery books. Reviewed Oct. I would leave off at an exciting point so the kids can guess what will happen.

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Cam Jansen: The Chocolate Fudge Mystery (Adler) Novel Study / Comprehension



Cam Jansen and the Chocolate Fudge Mystery


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