Nakazahn Memory Clear Report l Enter the name using the numeric buttons for the group. Canceling A Polling Box You may need to repack and transport the cartridge at a later date. Understanding The Menu System l You can also try to send the document manually. Automatic feed Paper cassette capacity: If the drum surface is exposed to light and damaged, print quality may deteriorate.

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When you hear the other party answer, pick up the handset so you can talk if you have not already done so. Remove the jammed page by pulling it in either direction. If you want to register another One-Touch Speed Dialing button, repeat the procedure from step 5. Choose paper delivery according to the job the machine is performing and the type of print media you are using.

Otherwise the machine will not function properly. However, you can set the machine to print a report every time you send a document TX Report. If the machine makes strange noises, or emits smoke or strange smells, disconnect the power cord immediately and contact your local authorized Canon Facsimile Dealer.

Use to display the item you want to change. Remove the stack of paper from the cassette and do the following: Chapter 15 The Menu System l Press Coded Dial, then enter the two-digit caon using the numeric buttons.

Lift the paper cassette slightly and pull it out a little to help pulling out jammed paper. Coded Speed Dialing l Understanding The Menu System l Using The Menu System l Personalizing Your Machine Operation Pause Pause Pause While power is out, you can only use the machine to receive telephone calls if you have the handset or a telephone connected to the machine and to make calls if you have a telephone connected to the machine.

The contents of this guide are. This page requires Javascript. Hold the cartridge by its handle and remove it from the machine. The Toner Cartridge Sending Documents Stored In Memory l Labels must meet the requirements listed for plain paper, as well as the following: Press Coded Dial, then use the numeric buttons to enter the two digit code you want to change or delete.

Developers who make application programs include drivers that support different types of printers.


Canon LASER CLASS 2050P Specification

Taugar Edge A white bar will appear at the bottom of your canoh window which will contain your download. Make sure the document feed lever is set to automatic document feed. Use manual document feed when scanning single-page documents such as photos, business cards, or documents on other special types of paper. Contact your local authorized Canon Facsimile Dealer. If power is not restored to the machine within 1 hour, the documents in memory will be lost.


Canon LASER CLASS 2050P Brochure & Specs


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