Surgery[ edit ] Standard surgical excision[ edit ] A weakness with standard surgical excision is a reported higher recurrence rate of basal-cell cancers of the face, especially around the eyelids, [32] nose, and facial structures. Or one should simply process the tissue utilizing a method approximating the Mohs method described in most basic histopathology text books or described in this reference [37] during frozen section processing. Unfortunately, these methods are difficult when applied to frozen sections; and they are very tedious to process. When not utilizing frozen section, the surgeon might have to wait a week or more before informing the patient if more tumour is left, or if the surgical margin is too narrow. For poorly defined or recurrent tumours on the face, Mohs surgery or frozen section histology with either margin control ccpdma or thin serial bread-loafing should be considered. Mohs in the s, [43] in which the tumor is surgically excised and then immediately examined under a microscope.

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Figura 2. Dermatoscopнa de contacto. Figura 4. Tinciуn hematoxilina-eosina ocular 10x, objetivo 40x. Estructuras en forma de hojas de arce. Estructuras en rueda de carro. Telangiectasias arboriformes. En la dermis es posible encontrar un infiltrado de linfocitos o histiocitos [4]. Figura 1. Placa localizada en zona lumbar. Figura 3. Tinciуn hematoxilina-eosina ocular 10x, Objetivo 10x. Esta licencia permite el uso, distribuciуn y reproducciуn del artнculo en cualquier medio, siempre y cuando se otorgue el crйdito correspondiente al autor del artнculo y al medio en que se publica, en este caso, Medwave.

Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer, especially in elderly people. Pigmented basal cell carcinoma is a rare subtype and has been described in the literature as a nodular and hyperpigmented lesion; rarely, it can appear as an extensive pigmented plate, which may be clinically indistinguishable from superficial spreading melanoma and Bowen disease.

Dermatoscopy has a high sensitivity in the diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma. When Menzies criteria are used; however, the final diagnosis is made by histopathology. The objective of the present report is to analyze the case of a patient with pigmented basal cell carcinoma simulating a superficial spreading melanoma.


Carcinoma basocelular de pele



Basal-cell carcinoma


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