What structure does the Leonisa Group adopt leonis support these functions? Dissen To commercialize the products manufactured in the original business in the Colombian retail sector. Therefore, it is convenient to know in greater detail the functions, strategies and structures from which multi-business companies are managed in emerging countries, in which particular cases such as GEA appear. Table 2 Companies belonging to Leonisa Company Creation Purposes Structure Votre Passion To establish a commercial network of saleswomen to reach a larger number of customers located anywhere in the country.

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Kitilar Who has the resources, who communicates with whom, who is responsible for what, who can do what, what can be done on their own and what can be done with others, what kinds of careers are available and what is the flow of knowledge throughout the organization p. With respect to the second purpose, it arises from the search for greater speed and flexibility in production from its corporate backward-and-forward integration strategy.

The Value of the Parent Company. Centro corporativo, Empresa multinegocios, Estructura multidivisional M-formLeonisa. The entire export and import operation is managed from the headquarters or central office, and none of the subsidiaries is allowed perform operations outside the Leonisa foreign trade team. Corporate strategy is concerned with both the definition of the business portfolio and its management.

In relation to the management of the multi-business company, Eisenhardt and Piezunkathree main choices posited by the corporate strategy stand out: Leonisa is currently headquartered in Medellin, Colombia, where it produces and markets underwear through various companies described in Table 2. However, it does not have an autonomous cazo center, i.

Los visionarios The management of information and managers in subsidiaries of multinational corporations. The arising of structures other than the divisional ones, due to their processes and mechanisms for decision-making, such as the so-called multiple divisional network N-form: In the case of vertical backward integration, the production of fabrics, the dyeing and finishing processes and the manufacturing of its products through cooperatives that work exclusively for Leonisa stand out.

In other words, the headquarters are staffed by corporate executives who, from a central office, manage the multi-business company Chandler, Table 1 Research on multi-divisional structure: Table 1 shows the countries of affiliation for the universities where the authors of the 15 papers studied work, the universities that stand out for their research on multi-divisional structure and the theoretical approaches from which such research has been carried out.

To commercialize the products manufactured in the original business in the Colombian retail sector. Introduction The multi-business company, understood as a group of businesses managed jointly, is the result of the growth of a company from the creation or acquisition of other businesses. The opening of new distribution channels must also be consulted and approved leeonisa the headquarters, in order to meet the commitments established from the centralized leonusa plant in Colombia.

This has been possible through vertical forward and backward integrations. In distribution channels, the company has its own stores in the leonisw market, large department stores in major chains, online sales through the virtual store at www.

The first part of this paper presents a review of the literature on corporate centers and multi-divisional structure. The Audit area oversees the execution of the processes in each company, according to the policies established leoniea the headquarters. The fourth section discusses the results of the research thereafter.

Each of them was interviewed for one hour in August and September Management International Review50 4 Integrations are strategies to diversify the core business into adjacent activities in the network or value chain. Caso Confecciones Leonisa S. Nonetheless, there is no clear direction to encourage the interaction of subsidiaries or the creation of synergies between them.

All of the above illustrates the lenoisa of the companies belonging to the Leonisa group in Figure 2from the commercial and administrative including the productive fronts. In line with the above, Keonisa has strengthened its competitive strategy to continue to grow sales in the four channels and promote the positioning of ldonisa brand worldwide.

Additionally, this author warns that, in the case of multi-business enterprises, the functional or divisional structure in terms of Lfonisa is insufficient to deal with the tension between the headquarters and the business units or divisions that characterize this type of company. Regarding the divisional configuration, it specifically refers to the multi-divisional form M-form as the structure that emerges when companies become so large that the simple divisional form becomes insufficient and, therefore, divisions appear above divisions.

Estudios Gerenciales22 98 Nevertheless, in relation to the management of subsidiaries abroad, each company has a basic payroll that functions as a copy of the administrative structure in Colombia, but on a smaller scale. Related Posts.

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