Cuidamos las mancuspias hasta bastante tarde, ahora con el calor del verano se llenan de caprichos y versatilidades, las ms atrasadas reclaman alimentacin especial y les llevamos avena malteada en grandes fuentes de loza; las mayores estn mudando el pelaje del lomo, de manera que es preciso ponerlas aparte, atarles una manta de abrigo y cuidar que no se junten de noche con las mancuspias que duermen en jaulas y reciben alimento cada ocho horas. No nos sentimos bien. Esto viene desde la maana, tal vez por el viento caliente que soplaba al amanecer, antes de que naciera este sol alquitranado que dio en la casa todo el da. Nos cuesta atender a los animales enfermos -esto se hace a las once- y revisar las cras despus de la siesta.

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Start your review of Cefalea [Cuento] Write a review Shelves: a-z-challenge , cover-love , 2-stars , modern-fiction , short-stack , tor-babies , reviewed , bizarrelandia c is for Cortazar Oi.

I kind of feel like an asshole for not liking this one. And a lot of people like his stories and novels a lot. Cortazar writes in symbolic and sometimes very beautiful prose. He describes these headaches he gets sometimes with painfully vivid detail.

He likens the whole experience to one of taking care of some mythical creatures known as mancuspias. And as the mancuspias increase c is for Cortazar Oi.

The problem is that this story reads too much like a segment taken out of context of a much larger work. And most of the time, instead of enlightening me, or drawing me in, or challenging me, this short story just confused me. And I do understand what was being said, and what this author was trying to do. I just felt like it was over my head.

I enjoy cerebral reads very much. I mean, come on. The Stranger is my favorite book of all time. But the thing is, I have a totally different set of grading criteria for short stories than I have for novels. And while I love novels that challenge me and force me to see the world differently, short stories are a horse of a different color.

While characterization and depth are things I appreciate most in a novel, short stories need to excite me with plot. And this short just comes up…well…short. A novel is a long term investment for me. A novel needs to be the guy who holds my hand and wants to plan a future with me. I always go into a novel thinking that it will be around for awhile, that it may take my hand while we embark on a life together.

It will be around for me to pick up again and again, and though age and experience may change us, we can always pick up where we left off and see things from a different perspective. A short story is that hot guy who I want to make out with underneath the bleachers at a football game. The guy I want to have crazy hot sex with in an airplane bathroom. Something hot and steamy that may not last long, but something that will stick with me anyway.

Something I will look back at fondly, but that I will most likely never revisit unless its to have another short and steamy rendezvous. Read this one for FREE here:.


De que trata el cuento Cefalea de cortazar?



Cefalea [Cuento]



Cefalea Cortazar


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