How to convert images and icons To convert or modify your images, you need to perform several sequential steps: Click "Choose File" and select the image file you want to convert. In the horizontal toolbar, which lists the set of target formats, select, by pressing, the formats in which you want to convert your images. If necessary, set the new size of the image and the angle of rotation. To start the conversion process click "Convert" button. The conversion process takes few seconds. As soon as conversion is done, you can save the output files on your computer or device.

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Supports jpg, png, webp, bmp and svg image formats. Just drop your image in tool and click convert to html button to write image as html file. Download button is enabled, after image is converted to HTML file. How this tool working? Image to HTML converter tool encodes image to its base64 string and append it in img tag as src.

All these process are carried out using web browser, so the conversion process is simple, fast and more secure. Once process completed HTML script is displayed in tool to copy. Is it free tool?

Image to HTML converter tool is completely free to use and it is a full version, no hidden payments, no signup required, no demo versions and no other limitations. You can convert any number of images to HTML file. Any skills required? No additional skills are required to convert image to HTML file, using this tool. Drop your image in tool and click convert to HTML button to process. Once completed, copy your HTML script displayed in tool. Are my images secured? Yes images are highly secured.

We are doing the conversion process in web browser and we are not upload your images to server or any where else. So images are secured and is not moved anywhere away from your computer. Any restrictions? There is no restrictions to use this tool, you can convert any number of images to HTML script. No login, no signup and no other limitations to use this tool.


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