Konceptet er enkelt. The concept is simple. We have invited some of the most exciting musicians and film, visual and performance artists from both Denmark and abroad to collaborate creatively across different media and genres. Og unik kan tages bogstaveligt: koncerterne i serien kan nemlig kun opleves her.

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The Foundation exists to nurture talent and work with new approaches to documentary filmmaking and funding. In addition to film funding the Foundation also runs the Puma Creative Impact Awards, celebrating the documentary film that has created most significant social impact, and the international Good Pitch event in partnership with the Sundance Institute Documentary Program. The Good Pitch matches filmmakers with NGOs, foundations and other partners to forge coalitions and campaigns that are good for the films as well as for society.

Kate Vogel Kate Vogel worked in documentary commissioning at Channel 4 for 6 years - championing emerging directors through the short-film prime time strand 3 Minute Wonder. Kate has been passionate about making the arts accessible; in she helped to establish the Jarman Award and set up New Sensations, a new prize for graduate artists with the Saatchi Gallery.

She joined Tate Media as a Producer in , with the aim of working closely with artists and the Tate exhibition programme to produce creatively challenging films around the visual arts for television and cinema and online audiences. All the directors will of course be present to introduce the premieres of their films. Ten years ago he was among the world elite of dancing. Today, he is setting out to re-conquer his place on the polished floorboards despite the fact that he is marked by his age, suffering from a serious hip injury, and has an uncontrollable temperament that has scared off all of his former dance partners.

His latest dance partner and girlfriend , Anna, is meant to help him achieve his goal. With her, his dogged determination and a thoroughly exercised body, Slavik sets off on a journey towards the stars.

Slavik is ready to pay the price, for what is love good for if you cannot fulfil the dreams of your life? The question is if Slavik can keep his composure and dance his way out of the crisis he finds himself in. Christian Bonke: Roskilde , co-dir. An intimate reading of the original English-language text by Thandie Newton is woven into a minimalist score for acousic and electronic instruments.

At times the correspondence between the elements is more obvious, othertimes less so. It is for each viewer to make their own connections, and create their own interpretations, as the film relates to their own life.

Built around the inspirational and intimate account of his widow as well as around the elaboration of his political positon and influnce, the film charts his life from his early years as a revolutionary leader to his landmark address to the UN General Assembly in , his role in the Oslo Peace Accords, his besiegement and finally, his unsolved death in a Paris hospital. And yet, not quite! For mediocrity is maybe harder to grasp with a formula than one might think. What is important?

What defines our times? The 3-dimensional space of the images frame the individual scenes like display cabinets at a virtual museum about ordinary Denmark in the year , while both true and fictitious stories constantly threaten to disrupt the mediocrity.

The novel itself is a genre-challenging mix of fiction and fact, prose and caption. And if not, what is it then? Hill has been given full access to follow Mark Kennedy, the English policeman, who after 7 years as a spy in the British - and European - activist scene was exposed at the beginning of Instead, the director sets the agent up in front of a green screen and lets him perform his own story, thereby reconstructing the key events during his work as an undercover cop.

On the journey, a light is cast on the far from ordinary relationship between mother and son, while the past and the present, fiction and reality are mixed together in surreal vignettes and musical collages. Caouette himself edited together the private footage and snapshots from 19 years of - nicely put - dysfunctional family life to create an eerie, but also tragic and moving picture of his own upbringing, where the mentally ill mother and her psychological decay is the only constant factor.

A simultaneously unpleasant and fascinating and deeply personal film. They stand out thanks to their strong personal vision, their cinematic qualities, and by insisting on the rightful place of documentaries on the cinema screen. Since the first edition of the festival, CPH:DOX has been comitted to documentaries that constantly challenge the genre and our understanding of the idea of what could be called the documentary project.

Exploring the hybrid field between documentary and fiction has been a constant part of this project since the beginning, and has been essential in shaping the profile of CPH:DOX in parallel with being the defining tendency in contemporary auteur filmmaking over the last decade. This year, we are excited to present a selection of magnificent films that in very different ways explore the potential of cinema. In Antony and Charles Atlas took their collaborative and critically acclaimed performance TURNING to major cities in Europe - a sensual and moving exploration of femininity and the basic desire of belonging.

The film explores the heart of the live performance, which is staged around bodies that are exposed in all their diverse beauty. A film that dares to show beauty the way it wants to express itself. Three middleclass boys are held up by a gang in a shopping mall, and they are accused of having stolen a mobile phone. What follows is a manipulative psychological role play, which is not so much based on physical violence but rather takes the shape of a game - but a game without rules.

The stage is set in the comfortable and functional setting of welfare society. For this reason alone it will undoubtedly provoke a debate. But 50 years later, the area is empty and stands as a rusty monument of the aquapark utopia of the American dream. Or almost empty, that is. The inhabitants of Bombay Beach soon become co-authors of the dreamy narrative, and moments of intense documentary reality turn into sudden performative outbreaks of dance. The rest of the title probably speaks for itself.

However, by observing the events unfold in long and patient takes, illusion is the first thing to disappear. HPG himself comes across as a charming and forthright acquaintance, who not only directs, but also produces, films and participates in his saucy films - and always stark naked himself.

Sex is just business, but it is a physical, comical and very human business, as Siboni shows in a liberatingly funny way. No matter if you are for or against porn, the message is clear: enjoy the illusion as long as it lasts. The fasttalking and charismatic Anna apparently lives her year-old night life one minute at a time, as she moves through the streets of Berlin from one party to another without ever looking back.

A life in freedom or always on the run? The relationship between the restless drama queen and Solnik himself is not without complications either, and the chaotic conflicts stretch way beyond the camera. But Solnik elegantly avoids the easy solution of turning his portrait into a moralising tragedy.

The film belongs to both of them in equal measures, and also therefore is it at one with its generation. The black trees rise like a heathen cathedral around the lonely figure and his self-made country home. A caravan high up in a tree crown and a majestic fir tree, which sways under the influence of invisible forces, are small signs of the uncompromising and supernatural potential of the human will, as long as it is cultivated in the ecstasy of solitude.

William Blake and Thoreau are his spiritual cousins, and both the film and the man himself seem to exist beyond time and space. He is both the first and the last human, and ultimately just that: a human being. Ben Rivers is interested in people who live on the limits of society. Debut director Maiko Endo has made a film that suffuses us with confidence that the film medium contains possibilities that we have only just begun to explore. Okinawa was once a kingdom, has since been acquired by the American army, and is now a part of Japan.

The camera is constantly at his heels and captures it all in an impressionist flow of images that shift between black-and-white and colour. The form is free and poetic, while the world takes its course - and is possibly coming to an end.

A uniquely talented filmmaker has made her entry into the festival scene with a film that satisfies both old and entirely new ideals for its medium, and which must above be seen in the cinema. Fifteen testimonies from the war in Iraq, and from the war they have taken home with them.

A somnambulist is someone who walks in his sleep. And with his film, Jobson indicates that we - the spectators - are the somnambulists. It was us who slept during the run-up to the war and it was our apathy that bears the responsibility for its tragic aftermath.

If anything, it is political in the way it deals with reality. The result is a dreamingly beautiful work, which in a series of small, poetic vignettes tells the story of twentieth century China as seen through the eyes of a small family. But when Luo Li towards the end of the film shows his aging father the beautiful black-and-white images he has gotten from the anecdotes, the film suddenly takes an unexpected turn when his father has a few suggestions and changes to be made An unmissable must-see for every artist - and for everyone who happens to be related to one!

Here, people have lived off the earth and their craftsmanship as long as anyone can remember. Corvo has been self-sufficient for centuries, and in spite of its low population, the island has no less than seven political parties - and the anarchists and communists are on a roll! The years pass by, and meanwhile the passing of days can be read from the special, soft light that is reflected by the sea. And yes, it is quite long, but it does not feel like it - quite the contrary.

Thus begun nine years in padded cells and straitjackets in all sorts of institutions. But at the same time his visions are staged in pure, hallucinatory and hyper-stylised tableaux, that simply have to be seen to be believed. The dutch actor Hugo Kooschijn is nothing less than brilliant as Schreber.

The film is about alien civilisations living among us here on earth. Nothing less. It is an examination of how we make the world provide meaning to us, of the waferthin border between belief and institutionalised religion, and of everything that is on the margins of our knowledge. Like a drunk man on a limp tightrope, the gigantic pipe-smoking Karel Vachek miraculously balances across the precipice of existence armed with quantum mechanics, religious books and philosophical ideas.

A mysterious, magical and unequalled trip. A body exposed to threatening cellular transformations. But there is still life in the corridors. At least in the one wing of the gargantuan building which is still in use. And for each corner one turns around in its interior one runs into new takes on how the patient should be cured. The ending is a sight in itself. Provocative and challenging, radical and borderline, poetic and abstract — and always with the courage to explore.

The programme consists of works from both the world of visual art and of film. From the short, poetic moments via the cinematic essay to philosophical genre excursions beyond the limits of reality. These are works that will rather strive for the impossible than make do with the average, and works that critically investigate the status of images in our time. Over the course of seven chapters and against a neo-futuristic background of urban noir, Palm lets a lineup of experts on everything from social sciences to neurophysiology put sober and competent words to where western society is headed.

From brain scans and graphical patterns to behavioural psychology and ethics - and with a refreshing critique of both pop paranoia slogans and empty optimism. Either way, one becomes much wiser and possibly even learns to see in the dark. A popular book set in Japan in the s that created a cult following in Europe during the post-war years. When asked to retranslate the book into Japanese, his character questions subjectivity, translation, and belief. The title points to the need for caution where stories are involved: Pareidolia refers to the tendency of human perception to discover meaningful pictures in random structures.


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Michel AuderAndrew Neel. LAB has been a great success with films premiering and winning prizes at film festivals such as Venice, the Berlinale, Rotterdam, and elsewhere. Inthe festival launched the international talent development and film production workshop CPH: Local Print Vester Kopi is located throughout Denmark, providing you with high print solutions, locally. Screenings Date Time Location Fri.



Michael Glawogger Werner Herzog. Our shop on Holmen is closed between December 21 st and January 4 th inclusive. We take print seriously! DOX Wednesday 2. Inthe festival launched the international talent development and film production workshop CPH: Inthe related ART: You can play yourself or a fictional character.

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