Kitaur A01 Upper deviation Lower deviation Here you set when the alarm at low temperature is to become activated. These settings can only be made when a data communication module has been mounted danfods the controller and the installation of the data communication cable has been concluded. Once receive your question, the supplier will answer you as soon as possible. The controller has been specially designed for refrigeration applications, but may of course also be used for other forms of regulation where danfpss is expedient.

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Faekora Shor tcircuited room sensor E3 Air sensor s. Conversely, if the controller has not accomplished the 72 periods, the regulation will use a timeperiod of 20 minutes. Here you set for how long the exact measuring is to be suppressed.

Speed Controller Grip Shifter. Read defrost sensor temp. However, if d03 is not OFF, defrost will during contact break down start with the programmed time intervalles.

Later, when the alarm ceases, the alarm text will be retransmitted, but now with status value 0. The operation of the controller can now be carried out via the data communication. Danfoss Temperature Controller Electronic Controller Ekc The evaporator is dripping off and waiting for the time to expire. The number of relays will then be increased by one. If there is a status code it will be shown in the display.

All versions are furthermore available with an alarm function. When there is an alarm, the alarm relay will be activated for two minutes. During defrost the defrost relay will be cut in. Up to 60 controllers can be to one cable. If you push the top button in this situation, you will be able to see the alarm message in the display. Push the upper button until a parameter is shown 2.

Temperatures, times, operating conditions, parameter codes and alarm and fault codes Can be read from the display. With these settings it will only be possible to set the reference between the two values.

The time when water drips off the evaporator. The module is provided with battery backup. Danfoss Pt sensors are supplied with the controller: Here you can set the time delay. A door switch is connected and the controller will register when the DI input is open. When the thermostat calls for refrigeration, the compressor relay will be cut in. Danfoss Place of Origin: Buttons If you want to change a setting, the two buttons will give you a higher or lower value depending on which button you push.

During these 20 minutes the compressor will be star ted and stopped with this skc setting. The function delays the defrost with the set number of minutes, but only for the very first defrost after energy has been supplied to the controller. Real time clock battery driven can be fitted. Resulting controller setup Room temp. Here you set for how long the alarm is to be suppressed. Afterwards the controller is capable by itself to calculate the average value of previous cut-in times.

When the time sanfoss door alarm A04 expires, a failsafe function will enter into force compressor and fan will be star ted. Get Latest Price Min. Send This is not what you are looking for? Controller for temperature control — EKC and EKC Manual Daanfoss destinations The impor tance of the individual alarms can be defined by means of a setting 0, 1, 2 or 3. Add to Basket Add to Product Favorites. Normal operation or alarm Unknown codes and settings Change Power off Room temp.

The programme will for instance upload all the collected temperature values once a day. This function is used when too long sensor cables have to be corrected. It will cut out again when the temperature drops to the set reference value. You Might Also Like. But before you can change the value, you require access to the menu. When the compressor is operating, it must run ranfoss at least x minutes.

Set it in pos OFF if you star t the defrost by means of input DI or if you mount a real-time Module in the controller. A-alarms will only become visible when the set time delay has expired. Alarm relay not fanfoss Room temp.

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