Sarah is passionate about educating people and spends her spare time running the website and sourcing and posting articles on the website with her co sponsor Sarah Tate. She has also done the occasional guest post on other websites including Lovefraud and Rose Rosetrees Empath blog. Combining memoir and Self help book. Empaths in particular have a hard time spotting and handling narcissists. Sarah is an intuitive empath and spiritual life coach working with individuals in private practice in Kettering, Northamptonshire. Available Amazon Read a Sample chapter here For those readers who may have read every other book on psychopathy, narcissism or victims or abuse, there comes a point after being in a relationship with a disordered personality whereby they no longer want to be a victim or a survivor.

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Dark Souls gets to the essence of what makes personality disordered individuals so predatory, ruthless and dangerous. It exposes their luring techniques, when such individuals seem to be perfect and adapt to your ideals. It explains the physiological and psychological manifestations of sociopathy and narcissism, exploring the reasons behind their shallowness of emotions that leads these predators to con, deceive, beguile, torment and sometimes physically harm others.

The book also examines, in an introspective and highly informative manner, the profile of their chosen targets: whom social predators tend to select and why.

Although nobody is immune from victimization by sociopaths and narcissists, Strudwick indicates that these predators tend to pick the emphatic, vulnerable and needy out of the herd.

She traces the root of this vulnerability to childhood upbringing, using her own life as an example. The author also goes on to explain that sociopaths tend to target strong and principled victims. While there are quite a few informative books on narcissism and sociopathy, "Dark Souls" still manages to bring a lot to the literature on the subject through its wit and spiritual perspective.

This book uses the metaphor of the "dark soul" and the concept of spiritual energy to explain how psychopaths and narcissists drain our emotional energy as well as to point to a road of recovery and personal flourishing once we end these toxic relationships. Claudia Moscovici, psychopathyawareness Many books spend a lot of time on the issue at hand and very little if any time on how to resolve the problem. I commend the author for including a variety of methods to try when dealing with toxic people.


Dark Souls




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