Kikus When the expiry date is reached your computer deletes the cookie. I believe it must be due to the fact that this makes something unusual, Gothic Nirvana! Both consummate and the girl pregnant, too soon by age but ripe enough with the idea. So while I really wanted to love this book by one of my favorite authors it has left me feeling less than enthusiastic. Esos retratos de las relaciones madre-hija, padre-hijo y sus variantes son brutalmente acertados.

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Kazikinos Return to Book Page. If you are wondering about a possible intertextual reference to the real Saint Plectrude that could help elucidate the meaning of the novel, no connection. There is a lot of good stuff in the novel: This book starts with strong and bold introduction. The main problem with the novel is its lack of focus.

And we never see her laugh — on the contrary, all we are made to notice about her is her quiet, penetrating gaze. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. She immediately raised and shaped Plectrude as her own among 2 of her own children. Nothomb is a tough cookie nothommb fathom.

A story about a happy couple, in love and in trance with each other embraces and affections. But the ending here is priceless! Ayer le comentaba a una amiga que yo soy una fangirl de Nothomb. And the themes d book delves in — what it means to be exceptional, how you can make yourself one and the connections between exceptionality and happiness, madness or chance — always deserve pondering.

There, she reportedly felt as much a stranger as everywhere else. Lucette calls the baby Plectrude and then commits suicide.

It was incredible and d definetelly deservs a second read. This is simply not the case as the author spent all diccionarii previous pages trying to convince us readers that Plectrude is anything but normal.

Want to Read saving…. The novel could well have been an ode to childhood with its glories and horrors, and instead feels like an inconsequential trifle, its potential damaged by bracketing the fascinating childhood story between two sets of sensational yet trite events.

Propils Nothomb claims to have pripios born in Japan, she actually began living in Japan at the age of two until she was five years old. Feb 25, Knjigomanijak rated it it was amazing. A activation email has been sent to you. The snowman and corpse episode is recounted so vividly that I almost remember it from my own early life.

Her long lost crush. The baby is raised by her aunt, becomes an anorexic ballerina, If I could give this one lower than a one-star rating I would. In this case, it makes for an inconsistent, flat story. Too bad for that wierd ending. Nothomb had amply demonstrated in the past that she can produce. Many ideas inserted in her books come from the conversations she had with an Italian man, from late eighties and during the nineties. The voice, which at the beginning is mythic bordering with the poetic, quite suitable for the plot, changes into matter-of-factly and journalistic.

The father, Fabien who are far from reach when she needed wants a different fate for his child. The girl, Lucette carrying a baby of 8 months, rubs her belly and wish that soon she will have a baby that interest in the idea of becoming a dancer.

When the decalcification resulting from her diet causes her bones to become dangerously brittle, Pectrude has to give up dance, but is rescued from despair by the re-entry of the man of her pre-pubescent dreams. There are still plot devices that can easily infuriate the reader, e. This novella is a riff on the child-prodigy-runs-into-obstacles theme, with an undercurrent of murder and madness.

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