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Big budget movies like "Batman Returns," ridiculous farces like "The Mask," and pure kitsch like "The Brady Bunch" make no pretense of being fine art.

But sometimes Hollywood latches on to a story and a cast of quality and breaks their legs with a sledgehammer, one by one, in the name of "accessibility. Dolores was investigated for killing her husband Joe David Strathairn twenty years ago, and is now under suspicion in the recent death of Vera Donovan Judy Parfitt , her long-time employer.

He is determined to nail Dolores for it. The plot revolves around the complex relations surrounding Dolores, Selena and the death of Joe. Meanwhile, in the present, the pill-popping Selena tries to negotiate some sort of relationship with her mother while protecting her from the nasty detective. As the movie progress, we learn the vaguely shocking and not terribly original truth about the deaths of Joe and Vera.

The courtroom-melodrama ending ruins any hope of "Dolores" being a great movie. Not only is it unbelievable, but it is so cheesy that one wonders whether or not director Taylor Hackford spliced in an out-take from "The Player," a movie that makes delicious fun of such trite Hollywood endings.

It should have been burned months before production started. Who in their right mind would have given the screenwriter of the hockey-cum-figure-skating love epic, "The Cutting Edge," another job?

The adult Selena should not be in the movie. She should have stayed in the void. Christopher Plummer, a brilliant actor whose agent should be shot, is also shamed by his lines. His bad-cop-with-a-grudge character is so badly written and directed that he looks and sounds like a bad Jack Palance imitation.

With ease and humor, Kathy Bates plays the over-worked and under-paid housekeeper who has little happiness in her life besides pride in her daughter. Judy Parfitt is chilling as the fascistic, over-powering Nancy Reaganesque hostess; and David Strathairn portrays Joe with psychotic evil. Bates won the Oscar for her amazing performance as a crazed literary fan in "Misery;" in "Dolores Claiborne" she continues to prove that she is the perfect King actress.

Three excellent performances, beautiful cinematography, and good flashback editing cannot save "Dolores Claiborne" from its suffocating script. Want to keep up with breaking news? Subscribe to our email newsletter.


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