Book a driver qualification test now What is the DQT? The DQT is a touch screen, computer-based test. Its aim is to confirm that P2 drivers have sufficient knowledge and hazard perception skills, to graduate to an unrestricted driver licence. There are 2 parts to the test: Knowledge test Part 1 - assessing your knowledge of road safety issues.

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What makes you a safer driver, and the answer is something like: -accept what is your fault. If someone tailgates you, -you should slow down so you can force the car behind you to slow down Which group of people have the highest risk of crashing: -People who drive to get rid of their boredom What is the biggest distraction while driving a lighting a cigarette b talking on the mobile phone c other passengers You are driving on a 3 lane freeway in between two trucks.

You should: A. Accelerate and pull in front of the blue truck on the left B. Slow down and pull in behind the red truck on the right C. Slow down and pull in behind the blue truck on the left D. Some stupid answer -use your mobile to call the truck driver and tell him to slow down.

Well, there you have it. More than 50 questions which they can ask you. Again, trust me, there is no need to worry about this section. Common sense and a read through the above questions is all you need.

For section 2 of the DQT i. They have all appeared in the HPT. The questions are divided into either overtaking, slowing down or turning right. Also a notable difference is, that instead of pressing once, you will be required to touch the screen every time you see a gap for a right turn or touch every time you need to slow down whenever you see a hazard. Correct response is to not touch the screen. Do not overtake in both these videos.

I repeat, do not touch the screen. Sit back, relax and let the video play. Two easy points. When the car in front of you reaches a pedestrian crossing, I noticed that there was a bus stopped left side of the road. As the front car slows down, you see break lights on you also slow down i. Then unexpectedly the bus suddenly indicates to the right and, in no time, it cuts your vehicle, so you quickly touch the screen again to slow down. Slow down Scenario : Driving in a tunnel with 2 lanes.

When to slow down- when the car is too close with the vehicle in front AND when the car gets close to a van in the left lane because the van will indicate shortly afterwards and jump lanes to be in front of you. This one was crazy. You had hazards coming every where, so keep your eyes peeled. These hazards included pedestrians, speed signs, person coming out of car, car indicating to go right.

Right Turn Tips : For right turn questions i strongly suggest you do the questions on the SA website. They are quite similar. A word of warning: You do not have to turn right in every video.

I got like 4 turn right videos, and i only turned on a couple. Also remember, you can turn right multiple times in the same video when you see a gap. What do i mean by a gap? A gap so big that an elephant can wander through. You can touch to take the right turn. There was a massive gap after the 3rd wave of cars I believe and then again after the 4th. And you can see clearly from the headlights. Right Turn: On a country road; easy, when there is no car in sight, press to move. Do not hesitate though, because shortly after the gap the video will end.

On a final note, for the slow down questions press the screen a maximum of 5 times. I think each video has a limit of how many touches you can do. Good luck!


Driver Qualification Handbook Summary

Dogore Turning right into a side street hanbdook the main road what seems to be a highway. But i guess i did well. G 9 January at For right turn questions i strongly suggest you do the questions on the SA website. Also be wary for drivers turning onto your lane. Do not hesitate though, because shortly after the gap the video will end. Just read this article and the comments.

BS 13453 PDF

Driver qualification handbook


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