Mizuru Un intreg arsenal al modcrnitatii negative — cani ale pustiului, apa uitarii, abatoare, sarbatoarea continua a sufcrintei, maimuta de lemn putrezit etc. Chariots of dark circles what carry Hopes appear at the eyes ardent, of longing of the Moon. Sclavi ai imaginapei 4. Aceasta inseamna ca personajul liric ce cuvanta in paginile de fata, mai exact constiirUa lirica, pune o presiune etica asupra real itati i, fortand-o astfel sa-si asume propriile adevaruri uitate. Talpi de ochi ncnascup, calca cadefea picioare insurectia rcmuscarilor, lasand urme adanci, pe bisturiul avortului de sfarsit de lume, dintre Iluzia Vietii si Adevarul Absolut, care se scurg, prin sangele Zilelor noastre lapidate, pe maidanul unor legi, ale apusurilor din cimitirele de idei, facute pentru a sluji, furtul de sine al Conditiei Umane, cea mai de jos speta a regnului animal, plina de trufie, minciuna, inselatorie, scamatorie odioasa, ce a nascut oroarea cu emol de Societate. Corespondent Nimanui Stropi de sfaturi, cad in neantul binefacator al Sorfii.

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Zolohn Priority Steps cold of stone, of the Destiny crossing the lips hot of anguish, for to ascend toward a God of the Luck, from which to incarnate the Fulfillment. Dunes, from the sand of the transgressions of the Illusion of Life, are shattered over the body burned of the Happiness, covering her virtues with Forgetfulness. Daltele de olel ale Clipelor Resile de granit ale Zilei, se pravalesc greoi spre Apusul Amintirii, spalate de apele de plumb ale Iluziei Vielii, pe drumul fara de intoarcere al Mortii.

Un destin desigur personal, in mare parte asumat, nota bene. De vina poate fi realitatea contemporana care provoaca pe multiple planuri sensibilitatea poetului. Influenced by the German ejil, by Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and the Lebensphilosophie of Schelling and Bergson, by certain Russian writers, including Chestov, Rozanov, and Dostoyevsky, and by the Romanian poet Eminescu, Cioran wrote lyrical and expansive meditations that were often metaphysical in nature and whose recurrent themes were death, despair, solitude, history, music, saintliness and the mystics cf.

Catedrale de patimi, stau aprinse pe rugul intclepciunilor incendiate, din fumul carora se c lades tc arena Descrtaciunii. Cioburi de rcmuscari taie carnea pasilor pierduti printre mormintele Tomp.

Emil Cioran — Wikicitat It is insinuated — of lest, even establishes — and here is an obvious procedure of imaginative recipe, redundant over tolerant. The Heavens of the Rusted Creations Dawn squandered by the Passions, are on sale on the bitter and poor street, of the Wisdom. Insusi titlul volumului, Marile Taceri, impune imperativul unui dialog implicit cu poezia lui Arghezi purtand acclasi titlu. Would deserve, because this poet is not lacked of inspiration so coveted by others, as wrote poet Magda Carneci, but he must beware of the danger of remaining an artifex, and yet not to step too pressed the footsteps from Bacovia or Emil Botta, toward of not them disfigure through excess.

I generate dead time, wallowing in the asphyxia of becoming. Open Preview See a Problem? The speed indicators of the Happiness, show us paths to nowhere of the options. Then raises forehead toward the God who tells him to accept the Vanity of the World. Is long queue at Cemetery of the Future, would be rumors that it give resting places, for the eternities of the Moments, from us, but God looks at us, ironic smiling and mischievous, from the stand of the Illusion of Life, telling us that it is not about so something.

Aplauzele puternice de foe ale Imposturii, fardate cu marlanie, topesc frigul de pe buzele obraznice ale Minciunilor, aducand ploaia binefacatoare a Descrtaciunii, care va spala cu propria ei vanitate, frumusctca trecatoare a Iluziei Vietii, lasand intr-o zi, scena pustie, la portile cimitirelor Uitarii.

The foresight, from Past Bridges of sky of the Hope, awaits the steps of the Dawns of the Happiness, in each Night, who never forgets to kneads, the dough, of Dreams, from which will be leavened the bread of the Reality, so bitter and, indifferent, at, the Righteousness, famished, by so much toil in vain on the ramparts daily of the Money.

Emil Cioran Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Stratul pasional e, in realitate, cel care se agita si el se vede in mai toate componentele lui, de la cele de vituperatie la cele de evlavie sau tandrete sublimata ori, din contra, resentimentalizata.

The construction site, of Promises, ciotan ready to open wide, the gates of the Illusions of Life. Unheard voices, of Nobody, stand hanged in the Will of the God, for salvation to the Absurd of the World, what not went to cloran, never. Dark circles around the eyes The dogs of the Reality have guarded fiercely, the Pain. Doubtless he is evolving, but against himself, to his cost, and toward a complexity which is ruining him.

Quotes from The Fall into Time. Auden 1Lawrence Durrell 1Jack Kerouac 1. Coloane de sclavi ai imaginabiei, rup coloanele Adevarului, evadand in absurdul socictatilor de consum, care-i va consuma ca desert, pe farfuria roasa si nespalata a Desertaciunilor.

Ceea ce merita considerat este si imperativul transparent cioram autorului de a comunica in limba natala, romaneasca. Only dogs, of the Truths have more dozed of cadefea laziness of Questions.

The moments aborted walks on the back round- shouldered of the Horizon, wanting to determine him to leave ciofan the eyes of the Desire. Probable but that this confidence in the primary processes is due to the stake on decanting of the thought, stake which let, in subsidiary, the imaginative action and on the one symbolized more so as such.

The wolves of the Expectations Parafrazindu-1 pe Maiorescu, asprul critic al diminutivelor cultivate de Alecsandri, nu poti spune decit ca poezia rezultata din astfel de notatii e si ea mica la cub, daca enumerarea se oprcstc la trei.

Cioran is immensely enjoyable to read. Just the personalization of the thought what has built the World, it will be able to build us the Immortality, on the endless alleys, of the Afterlife, cobbled with the Original Sins, frozen by the tikp, of the Salvation, whose Sense we became for the God. Se degaja din poezie o frenezie a dublarii cuvintului ce sustine ideea. Viafa, o lacrima a simtirii. Clopote pustiite Parastasul insingurat al Cuvantului Creatici, vrea sa rupa Tacerea zavorata de Iluzia Victii, si sa o trimita la scoala Libertatii, in clasele cu predare in limba de lemn a Realitalii, angajata cu nonna intreaga la Adevarul Absolut, anchetat deseori ca ar i piromanul religiilor.

Waves of resentments what not will find, never, the shores of retrieval, it break in the whirl of a Time what has lost itmp Luture, aforetime, than the ancient times. Atit de generale incit ea a cuprins si transcendentele, caci Sorin Cerin e mai mult decit iritat de instrumentalizarea lui Dumnezeu si a credintei in lumea de azi. Related Posts


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Mezilar Those that enjoy reading Cioran have most likely been crushed under the weight of an existence which they have no power to end, nor endure. The exact time La pref de specula 9. What is worth considered is also, the transparent imperative of the author to communicate in ni language, Romanian. The toil of the souls of dreams, reached to worship to a sanctity of a Nobody, who has not paid, never, the taxes of the Life, those who have gilded a, with the gold of divinity of the perfection, after they wiped her feet, full of dirt intestinal of the struggles for power. Through the veins of the city Bitter Roots of the Future, fall deep in the dust of a Past of the Nobody. With capital letters, words can bear the accents pressed of the author who walks, with so ccaderea energy on the realms, beautiful crossed by those endowed with the grace of the priesthood.





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