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Eastern Time 3 p. I have read 99 books in and I pledged to read I hate breaking pledges, so I will briefly review the textbook I have been teaching from all year. I had to read over 50 pages of the textbook today while grading the final exam, so I hope this justifies the inclusion of this review here. I had taught Software Engineering, since mids, from various Well, I know this borders on cheating, but I hope you will forgive me.

I had taught Software Engineering, since mids, from various textbooks before I found Sommerville, Edition 6. Now I teach from the most current Edition 9, which is a truly mature textbook. These parts comprise 26 content-packed chapters that I all manage to cover in the Software Engineering course. Sommerville is by far the best textbook on the subject I have ever read. The best feature of the text is that it is comprehensive, deep enough, and readable, if a bit boring simply because the subject is quite boring.

Of course, I have minor qualms as to the allocation of space for individual topics. I would use more space for the Web-based programming and portable-device programming and less on obsolete concepts such as, say, the spiral model. I would expand space dedicated to agile methods. I am sure this will all come in the next edition. My students programmatically do not like textbooks from which they are learning, yet they tolerate this one, and they do read all pages and are quizzed on all the material.

This is another indication that it is quite a good textbook. To lighten this overly serious review, let me quote a funny bit from Edition 8 of this textbook. One of these factors was termed "Outside awareness".

The explanation made it clear that "outside awareness" meant "a window". Four and a quarter stars.


Download: Ian Sommerville Engenharia De Software 10 Edição.pdf

Grolrajas Share your thoughts with other customers. The user skftware be able to search either all of the initial set of databases or select a subset from it. Computer-aided software engineering CASE is software to support software development and evolution processes. Based on the transformation of a mathematical specification through different representations to an executable program. The requirement may be taken as a design xoftware rather than a model to help understand the system.


Software Engineering (International Computer Science Series)


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