Well, where to begin a review? With other reviews, I think. Some people have slated this book for not being the business book they somehow thought it was. I have to disagree with them completely.

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Duncan Bannatyne meanwhile took time off from snarling at the inventors of dog treadmills and revolutionary shower caps to write Anyone Can Do It. So what about Theo Paphitis? The Dragons are famously competitive: Does Theo measure up? Enter the Dragon would only transform your life if you were short of kindling on a freezing mountain side and you tore it up to get a fire going. He describes a feeling of listlessness that I found very true from when I left my own start-up company with rather mixed feelings.

That might sound a lot, but for a man who had worked 17 hour days since his late teenage years, it was a flimsy reward. Paphitis bounces back, of course. Success in business means listening Theo Paphitis puts his success down to his focus on his staff.

He clearly understands what real inspiring leadership is all about: not grandiose claims, but being there for his people. He motivates his best workers with weekly targets and holidays to the Caribbean. For Paphitis, the key to making more money in business is discovering what is going wrong and then fixing it.

This can be pretty simple stuff — he reinvigorated the shop floor at failing lingerie chain Contessa by putting microwaves and fridges into the staff room. There is a great moment in the book where his usual appeal to staff gambit fails him, though. Standing on a chair and addressing La Senza employees, Theo writes: I finished my speech with my usual call for everyone to buy into my dreams and ambitions.

I told them I wanted them to be flowers in my garden. I was just about to go on to my next bit when half a dozen people picked up their coats and left. He does a much better job of banging away at the essentials and firing you up. In contrast I finished Enter the Dragon marveling more at how Paphitis managed to make so much out of nothing, both in terms of his business opportunities and his pleasant but uneventful private life.

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Theo Paphitis confirmed to rejoin Dragons’ Den seven years after leaving

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Theo Paphitis: Enter the Dragon review

Early life[ edit ] Paphitis was born on 24 September in Limassol. They also share two half-brothers. His father then bought a terraced house in Gorton, Manchester where he lived for three years, attending Peacock Street junior school in the area. Paphitis moved to London with his parents and Marinos when he was nine years old.

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