Почему стоит выбрать именно проекторы Epson? Компания Epson является лидером на мировом проекторном рынке уже более 10 лет, в том числе на рынке проекторов для домашнего кинотеатра. Японское качество, собственные разработки и технологии и крупнейшее в мире производство позволяют нам выпускать высококлассные проекторы по оптимальным ценам. А запатентованная Epson технология 3LCD обеспечивает невероятно высокое качество изображения и гарантирует комфортный просмотр, не вызывающий утомления глаз.

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Enjoy 3D cinematic adventures right in your living room. Use the included RF 3D glasses to immerse yourself in eye-popping 3D movies and more. Using 2D-to-3D conversion, you can even transform your favorite 2D movies to spectacular 3D, taking home entertainment to a whole new level. Split Screen Feature 2D mode — Project two images side-by-side from two different sources.

Easy Setup — Image adjustment tools included Captivating Sound — Two built-in 10 W stereo speakers for lifelike sound. One brightness measurement lumens is not enough.

If colour brightness is lower than white brightness, images may be dark, dull and lose detail. Colour brightness colour light output measured in accordance with IDMS Colour brightness will vary depending on usage conditions.

Based on this new phase-compensation technology, light leakage is eliminated, and, when combined with the auto iris, this technology allows for contrast ratios of up to 40, Amazing Colour Brightness For the best quality images, look for projectors where the colour brightness and white brightness are equal.

If colour brightness is lower than white brightness, photos, videos and graphics can look dull and washed out. The Epson EH-TW delivers 2, Lumens of colour brightness and 2, Lumens of white brightness light output for rich, colourful images. Or, watch the big game in exciting 3D. The TW makes it easier than ever with convenient 2D-to-3D conversion. With just the touch of a button, you can watch your favourite shows and movies in eye-popping 3D.

There are no special discs required. And, the possibilities are endless. Line of sight is not required with the included RF 3D glasses. Rechargeable for up to 40 hours of battery life, these innovative glasses have a 3-minute quick-charge feature for up to 3 hours of battery life. Super Resolution Makes DVDs and standard definition content come alive via its mixed colour separation techniques and imaging simulation.

It delivers crisp, clear images with super high-quality resolution. It also sharpens blurry images that have been enlarged by a general upscaling process. The TW automatically corrects the image vertically. And for horizontal image correction just move the easy-slide control bar to make the necessary adjustments.

Split Screen Feature Project two images video or still side-by-side from two different sources simultaneously. Choose from three layout options. You can swap the images as well as choose the source for audio.


Проектор Epson EH-TW6100



Epson EH-TW6100


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