For assay, results were observed in the range of Using FMEA, the modes of failure can be prioritized for risk management purposes according to the seriousness of their consequences effectsit can also be used to predict how frequently they occur and how easily they can be detected [26]. The response Y i in each trial was measured by carrying out a multiple factorial regression analysis using the quadratic model: The FMEA is the best risk management tool can used ypcg Wurster based pellet coating process to categories the risk of process variables. The fpcg can be filled in capsules, or compressed in tablets or packaged in sachet as the final dosage form. Optimization and characterization of controlled release pellets coated with an experimental latex: Updated risk assessment Following completion of process development studies, a greater understanding of the gpxg to product yield and assay associated with coating process been developed in DS which covered all validated range of process variables. Working within the DS space is not considered as a change; however the movement out of the DS is considered a change and would normally initiate a regulatory post approval change process.

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Gokora In scale up of gpcb, physical and chemical parameters reproduced based on process ran as per scale up factor calculation. The desired spray rate was achieved in 1 h after start coating by slowly ramp up the pump rpm and after wards ran the process on constant spray rate. The results indicated that the fines Y 1 generation was significantly influenced by the linear models of spray rate X 2atomization air pressure X 3 and in small percentage of air volume X 1in addition to the interactive model of the quantity of spray rate-atomization air pressure X 2 X 3.

All process parameters should be proportional to the base area of Wurster column compared with lab model column. Nowadays USFDA also demanding for a scientific approach for scale activity based on development batches.

So out off whole coating assembly, Wurster column is a functional area for quality coating. Just like the variables remaining same in pilot scale also, the same process control will apply. This might be due to some spray dried coating material wet through filter bag and not considered in the calculation of percentage fines. Identification and characterization of factors controlling tablet coating uniformity in a Wurster coating process.

Coating pans and coating columns. The range of independent variables under study pgcg shown in table 2 along with their low, medium, and high levels, which were selected based on the results from preliminary experimentation. The coating process variables studied were air volume X 1spray rate X 2 and atomization air pressure X 3versus percentage fines Y 1percentage agglomerates Y 2 and assay Y 3 as responses.

The overall coating zone will remain same in the pilot and commercial scale except the height of the Wurster column. In the CS, the parameters were routinely controlled during production in order to gpcb the reproducibility [25].

Initial trials were performed by varying the process parameters to understand the impact on product quality. Multiparticulate Oral Drug Delivery. That space defines the arranges of each CPP, taking into account multivariate interactions. The pareto chart was plotted of process variables vs RPN. These values were in very close agreement and established the reliability of the optimization procedure.

Pellet size was measured using sonic sifter sieving analysis. The aim of this work was to decide the ranges of CPPs involved in enteric coating process. Initial risk assessment performed using FMEA tool. The ideal coating parameters should reduced the generation of fines, and agglomerates and maintain the uniform enteric coat quality from batch to batch. As per gpcgg literature, there are selected potential process parameters-product tpcg [], humidity [9], inlet air flow [], atomization air pressure [], spray rate [14,16], column height [11,] responsible for the product quality however others like nozzle tip diameter, filter bags type and drying time are also important based on practical experience.

Christensen FN, Bertelson P. Pareto chart showing RPN scores for the coating process parameters for pantoprazole enteric coated pellets before and after risk mitigation Therefore, variables ranked based on RPN value.

In this study pantoprazole enteric coated pellets used to prepare oro dispersible multiunit particulate system MUPS tablet of pantoprazole where enteric coating was a functional coating which decided the acid resistance capacity of pellets. Experimental validation of DoE trials was undertaken by fabrication of optimized process variables. In case of the assay, although small variations were noticed between different formulations, the results seemed to be systematic and repeatable, which may suggest dependency on the studied factors.

These ratings are scaled with numbers between 1 and 10 [19]. The results were reproduced during scale up and found 0. LOD of enteric coated pellets was targeted less than 1. Bottom spray fluidized bed processor Wurster technology supplier always designs all capacity equipment in linear scale which help to make scale up activity easy.

The optimization performed to decide level of X 2 and X 3 for fines and agglomerated free process. In table 3, values of CPPs during lab scale and pilot scale are given. Process parameters for enteric coating of preliminary trials.

Conducting design of experiments DoE to evaluate all the variables involved in a Wurster coating process is not feasible. Her area of interest is developing novel pelletization techniques and coating applications for modified release of the pharmaceutical drug products for oral drug delivery. In pellet formulation, yield is reduced either due to fine generation or agglomerates formed.

Quality by design i: The aim of this study was to optimize pantoprazole enteric coating process based on Quality by Design QbD principle and successful scale up.

Positive signs indicate an increase in the response value while negative signs demonstrate a decrease in the response value. Accurately weighed pellets 1. The initial risk assessment of the enteric coating process presented in fig.

Therefore, variables ranked based on RPN value. Analysis of particle coating by spouted bed process. Response surface plots interpretation The results indicated that the fines Y 1 generation was significantly influenced by the linear models of spray rate X 2atomization air pressure X 3 and in small percentage of air volume X 1in addition to the interactive model of the quantity of spray rate-atomization air pressure X 2 X 3.

The use of humidity and temperature profiles in optimizing the size of fluidized bed in a coating process. Maronga SJ, Wnukowski P.





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