The Narrator wants to follow his gut and skirt tragedy, but in the end he wants to save himself from his superiors. In the beginning of the story Gregory has a gun pointed at him, which is being held by the Narrator; the story then jumps back to explain what led up to this point. The Narrator has executed five people before Gregory finding that it is getting easier to execute prisoners; however, Gregory is different. Gregory is a very nice man, who does multiple things for the Narrator and considers him a friend. Gregory feels sure of this because they ate together. After the Lieutenant is executed the orders are given by headquarters to kill Gregory and hang him up as an example.

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"Gregory" By Panos Ioannides

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Phenomenal story; beautifully read. I love this story and teach it in one of my courses. Gregory By, Panos Ioannides by osas agho on Prezi Works of his have been translated and published in their entirety or in parts in French, German, English, Rus Panos Ioannides was born in Famagusta, Cyprus, in There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He has no Wikipedia page in any language that I can gather, one used copy of an out-of-print collection of stories available in English that I can cursorily find, anyhowand a slight dusting of a presence in literary anthologies, including one in which I dusted off this. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


"Gregory" By Panos Ioannides Essay

Cite Panos Ioannides wrote a story about loyalty, friendship and irony, which he called, simply, "Gregory. An English prisoner named Gregory develops Stockholm syndrome, where the captor and captured form a positive bond. The irony of it is that no one ever checked up on the orders to have Gregory killed. The situational irony of it is that that cost him his life.


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Do you believe that you would have followed through with orders? Granting the situation complex, following through with these orders eliminates the basic moral code that proposes killing someone to save your own life is wrong. This is not only an extremely selfish act but it is also very against my moral code. The breaking of trust through an act of murder selfishly dedicated to consequential morality.


Gregory, by Panos Ioannides


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