Can I return the calibrated item if I am not satisfied with the device itself? OK, I understand — continue. How to get the instrument calibrated? The Manufacturers and RS reserve the right to change this Information at any time without notice. Add to ucpl parts list. Register now Forgot password.

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Industrial Inverters? The high operating voltage range of the output stage provides the drive voltages required by gate controlled devices. HCPL; per reel. HCPLJ; per reel.. Option data sheets available. Contact Agilent sales representative or authorized distributor. Note: Isolation characteristics are guaranteed only within the safety maximum ratings which must be ensured by protective circuits in application.

Measured from input terminals to output erminals, shortest distance path along body. Through insulation distance conductor to conductor. Parameter Symbol Min. Units Test Conditions Fig. TA Units Vrms Vrms ? See Applications section for additional details on limiting IOH peak.

In this test VOH is measured with a dc load current. Device considered a two-terminal device: pins on input side shorted together and pins on output side shorted together. Each channel. Device considered a two terminal device: Channel one output side pins shorted together, and channel two output side pins shorted together. VOH vs. Figure 2. IOH vs. Figure 3. VOL vs. Figure 5. IOL vs. Figure 6. ICC vs. Figure 8. IFLH vs. Propagation Delay vs. Figure Transfer Characteristics.

Input Current vs. Forward Voltage. IOH Test Circuit. IOL Test Circuit. VOH Test Circuit. VOL Test Circuit. This results in lower peak currents more margin than predicted by this analysis. When negative gate drive is not used VEE in the previous equation is equal to zero volts. The thermal resistance values given in this model can be used to calculate the temperatures at each node for a given operating condition. Thermal Model. Ambient Temperature: Measured approximately 1.

These optocouplers are hybrid devices with four die: two LEDs and two detectors. The temperature at the LED and the detector of the optocoupler can be calculated by using the equations below. How ever, this shield does not eliminate the capacitive coupling between the LED and optocoupler pins as shown in Figure This capacitive coupling causes perturbations in the LED current during common mode transients and becomes the major source of CMR failures for a shielded optocoupler.

Techniques to keep the LED in the proper state are discussed in the next two sections. This is achieved by overdriving the LED current beyond the input threshold so that it is not pulled below the threshold during a transient.

Figure 33 is an alternative drive circuit which, like the recommended application circuit Figure 25 , does achieve ultra high CMR performance by shunting the LED in the off state.

Dead time is the time period during which both the high and low side power transistors Q1 and Q2 in Figure 25 are off. Any overlap in Q1 and Q2 conduction will result in large currents flowing through the power devices from the highto the low-voltage motor rails.

To minimize dead time in a given design, the turn on of LED2 should be delayed relative to the turn off of LED1 so that under worst-case conditions, transistor Q1 has just turned off when transistor Q2 turns on, as shown in Figure Delaying the LED signal by the maximum propagation delay difference ensures that the minimum dead time is zero, but it does not tell a designer what the maximum dead time will be. The maximum dead time is equivalent to the difference between the maximum and minimum propagation delay difference specifications as shown in Figure Note that the propagation delays used to calculate PDD and dead time are taken at equal temperatures and test conditions since the optocouplers under consideration are typically mounted in close proximity to each other and are switching identical IGBTs.

Waveforms for Dead Time. Under Voltage Lock Out.


HCPL-315J-000E Avago Technologies US Inc., HCPL-315J-000E Datasheet



HCPL-315J Avago Technologies US Inc., HCPL-315J Datasheet




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