About The Book Hope and Faith: two things that everyone needs to survive. But the words take on a different meaning in the form of a set of twins who attend Crockett University in Washington, D. As seniors, they are looking forward to a bright future in corporate America. Meanwhile, they have decided to relieve some of the stress involved in getting a higher education by being members of APF. In fact, their physical bond is so strong, that one can often feel a pounding in her vagina while the other is engaged in sexual activity. But everything is not perfect when it comes to being a twin.

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No expectations. In fact, the reason that I was staring at you earlier is because I know your wife. Then, the idiot finally spoke. I never mentioned sleeping with you. Why else would you take off your ring? I asked Andrew to hold it so that I could rest my hand. Faithful better be your middle name from now on. It really was innocent. He looked like someone who had seen a ghost when he relayed what had happened to his friend, Andrew. Andrew stared at me for a few seconds and then I winked.

He fell out laughing when he realized that I had played his friend. As I sat down beside Andrew, who scooted over to allow it, I put the beer down in front of Frank. You looked different in the movie. Andrew glanced at his friend and then back into my eyes. Or at least tried to. He did not resist, or even flinch. When did you and Donna have the other two? That was an educated guess and we both knew it.

Frank was clueless. Frank got up and straightened his suit jacket. Our meeting is early tomorrow. You go ahead. You want him for yourself? Poor Donna. I might need to call her from my cell phone right now and tell her that she should go ahead and hire that divorce attorney that I recommended.

I had rendered him totally speechless. He gasped for breath and then finally stomped off like a little punk.

I like fucking with people. It felt good under my fingertips; even through his pants. Oh, was it a pencil dick back in your younger years? Do you have a minimum age requirement or something? I need a man with vast experience. How many brothers have you gotten down with? Never mind about the question.

I pegged you for a man whore the second I laid eyes on you. You yank out that singles card of yours at the first sign of trouble. Andrew was the kind of man that was made for fucking and then discarding.

Any woman who would allow herself to think that he could ever exclusively belong to her was fooling herself. He was placed on the Earth to be enj oyed by the masses and to tap many asses. I love sucking dick. There was modern leather furniture and a king-sized bed was the centerpiece of the scene. The bedding was expensive and looked extremely comfortable.

I forgot that I had my cell on silent. Men are such creatures of nature. Andrew sat down beside me, lifted my left foot and started massaging it. What he was doing felt damn good! Just a charming smile and a banging-ass body and a few feels of your massive, elephantine dick. He was submissive like a new puppy; a pit. You feeling me? You simply want to commence to fucking my brains out. Maybe back in the olden days, men might have respected women, remained faithful, and practiced reciprocity in relationships, but those days are over.

Shit, women are the new men, if you really want to know the truth. I love eating pussy. If I had suggested a threesome with you and Frank while we were down in the bar, you two would have come up here and tried to gang bang me instead of having an actual threesome. Just show you a couple of my moves. I gave him a few minutes of my head action, to get him comfortable. He was moaning like a bitch, too. Then I decided to hit him with some shit that I knew he had never experienced before. I pulled his knees onto the sofa beside my hips and then slammed his chest down backward on the floor so that his dick was elevated and his head was on the carpet.

He winced at first but then I bent over and started sucking him for dear life. The mixture of pain and pleasure drove him insane. It was like working out on a Nautilus machine and having your dick sucked at the same time. Andrew started getting into it. I did not let him cum in my mouth. When I realized the moment was fast-approaching, I brought him to his climax with my hand and his semen spurted down and onto his chest.

I worked that Negro over with a vengeance and then blew him a kiss on my way out of the room. I paused and stared at him. It was a one-time thing. Go back to Detroit and do you. Nothing that I could put my finger on but he did not seem like himself; the man that I fell in love with. Damn, did I say that? Yes, I did. It was love.

At least love as I knew it. I was feeling him like no other, and it was not all about the sex. It was all about him. His maturity—both mentally and spiritually. His pillow talk. His intellect. His compassion. His concern for me.

We were at this holiday bazaar in Largo, MD. The vendors had wonderful gift items for Christmas and Kwanzaa. I found this beautiful black doll for Hope, dressed in red, green and white. Even though we were way too old to play with dolls, Hope liked to collect them and there was zero doubt that she would cherish it. I bought my mother some African je welry for a Christmas present and I purchased a wooden African mask for Daddy.

Too stressful. Neither she nor my parents would ever forgive me. I shook my head. I was out of my favorite— Degrees—and wondered if she had any. That would save me a trip to where I normally purchased it. So your parents and sister know all about me? Kevin was quiet the entire time that I finished the purchase. In fact, he walked off and deserted me. Moments later, I found him in the area where all the food vendors were located. He was grubbing down on a fried fish sandwich and drinking homemade lemonade.

I was offended that he had not purchased me anything but I decided to let it go.


Head Bangers: An APF Sexcapade

No expectations. In fact, the reason that I was staring at you earlier is because I know your wife. Then, the idiot finally spoke. I never mentioned sleeping with you.


Head Bangers

And when I could not see him, he would always whisper sweet nothings in my ear or caress my shoulders while he fucked me with much intensity from behind. He had shown me all those positions that he mentioned that first day in his office and then some. What was really silly—and I guess showed my age—was that often a streak of jealousy would overcome me when he worked me over with such expertise. I often wondered who else he had done such things with. His wife? Or tons of women? It should not have mattered, I realized, because he was with me now.


They belong to the sorority called Alpha Phi Fuckem. In the beginning of the book there was a convention. Everyone had to bring a playmate. They went to a private casino in the hotel and got to cash in their chips for sexual favors from the person of their choice. The men went upstairs to their laptops and the women were downstairs.

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