What do you think? Ah, from the distance it looked like the 3D printed bridge I had seen. The time now is I think the tanks are a bit too large I would have preferred smallerbut it still looks okay. This item has been added to your Favorites.

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Ridge Road Requires: 1 master set, 1 road set, some extra hexes from boosters 2 players. Setup on back 2 rows of your end of the map. Special rules: when landing on the island at the bottom of the river, both runes take effect simultaneously massive curse, glyph of sutra. The two groups tend to become segregated, so fliers are helpful as reserves run in on the road, then fly over to the ridge to attack the enemy ranged units on their own level.

Lava Flow Requires: 1 master set, 1 road set, 2 lava sets 2 players, point armies, 12 rounds. Setup on gray regions at opposite corners. Special Rules: If you land on a rune on molten lava, trigger the rune before rolling for death. Theory: Since the bridge is a bottleneck, running across the lava fields is important. The high ground is all out-of-the-way so only long ranged units can make effective use of it.

Flooded Ruins Requires: 1 master set, 1 road set, some extra tiles from boosters, fluffy white cat 2 players, point armies, 12 rounds. Setup on back 2 rows of each end.

Special Rules: none Theory: The road is tempting but almost useless since it is easy to blockade with only a single unit.

Since the startup zones are so close to the high ground, losing it can be catastrophic. However, note that a unit moving 7 spaces can take the movement glyph on the first turn, immediately boosting you for the rest of the round.


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History[ edit ] Heroscape was released in Heroscape is designed for 2 or more players ages 8 and older, although it can easily be adapted to more players, particularly if more than one master set and expansion sets are used. There are additional expansion sets that can be purchased see: Master Sets and Expansion Sets, below. The game comes with two sets of rules.


Heroscape Terrain & Tiles (ALL)


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