William Cleckley and Cora Cleckley. His younger sister, Connor Cleckley, was schooled for some time in England e. Headington School, Oxford and would later marry and be widowed by Aquilla J. Cleckley then earned his M. After several years of psychiatric practice in the Veterans Administration , he became professor of psychiatry and neurology at the Medical College of Georgia and in the Chief of psychiatry and neurology at University Hospital in Augusta. In , Cleckley was appointed clinical professor of psychiatry and neurology at the medical college and became founding chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Health Behavior.

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Start your review of The Mask of Sanity Write a review Shelves: non-fiction , my-book , social-sciences I wanted to read Hervey Cleckleys The Mask of Sanity because it is referenced in other psychopathology books as the leader of psychopathology for its time.

Robert D. Hares Without Conscience, a book on psychopaths Ive read a few times, references it and I thought I would check it out.

To be clear, I read the fourth edition. I found this book fascinating for probably all the wrong reasons. To put this book in its proper perspective, the bulk of the book research and writing was done in Women, for the most part, were expected to get married and have children.

Men had jobs. There is a certain innocence to the America in this book. The government seems to care about its citizens. When the patients show up in mental hospitals this is when America still had a large network of hospitals to treat the mentally ill—how quaint! Lawyers, judges, and politicians would write letters on the behalf of the patients asking for them to be released from mental hospitals and loan them money!

What I found most disturbing about this book is the overwhelming sense of paternalism and male chauvinism. A case study of one woman was particularly horrifying to me. Deviant behavior abounds in this book. I know, it was written in the early twentieth century, but this chapter is amazingly wrong, full of incredible stereotypes, and horrifying.

I am not an expert in any way in the field of abnormal psychology; I just find it fascinating and have read a few books on the subject. I mostly want to make observations on his writing style. What I was most surprised about when reading this is that I due to the amount of knowledge available now about psychopaths know more about psychopaths than he does!

The modern theory is the brain is underdeveloped and thus psychopaths will never be able to be cured. The part of you that allows you to feel strong emotions, to have a conscience, to worry about the consequences of your actions, or to even have a deep interest in a hobby is missing from psychopaths.

They are incapable of feeling strong emotions. When you know this, the things that psychopaths do make sense.

One of the biggest dilemmas and probably still today facing the legal system and the mental health system is that psychopathology is not curable. However, psychopaths or sociopaths are not clinically insane. They know the difference between right and wrong, legal and illegal, ethical and unethical. They are often just your average criminal and their crimes are non-violent but can cause many problems to the people around them without thought of the consequences.

They do what they want because it is a passing whim, a way to stave off boredom. But how to handle these people? So these patients were shuttled between jail and mental hospitals, neither of which could deal with the root of the problem psychopathology. Today, with our decline of treatment options for the mentally ill, these people are often in prison or working on Wall Street.

Is that where they should be? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows if there will ever be a solution to this. However, aside from the subject matter, what I found most fascinating and often funny about this book is how it is written. He is a good writer and expresses himself eloquently. Some examples: Cleckley is drawing the line between people who are mentally ill out and out nuts and those normal, average citizens who, for some reason, fixate on something and go temporarily nuts.

I bet it was jarring. And the guy with the turkey wings is either a a complete moron or b not trustful of his god or c both. I mean, do turkeys even use those arms for flying? Who writes like this anymore? No one. This is superb writing. Had this guy been born later in the twentieth century, he would have made a great novelist. I wonder if Cleckley would be disturbed to discover that men boys still joke about sex and poop, still love their guns as much as their dicks and continue to engage in posturing?

Probably not. This book is chock-full of these nuggets of awesomeness. Silly women! I realize that at the time Cleckley was considered correct and culturally in sync, but reading his thoughts on those subjects makes me thankful for being alive now, even if we still have a lot of progress to make.

This is quite a long interesting book to read. Anyone wanting to read about psychopathology however should avoid this book and maybe start with Robert Hare Without Conscience. Columbine by Dave Cullen also has an outstanding discussion of psychopaths.


The Mask of Sanity

They do so convincingly because they believe their own lies. After all their life is nothing but a lie, a sham, how can we possibly assume they know anything different. All I wanted was for him to leave me alone. Part of the hurt and damage was done because others could but would not see what was actually happening. He would always try to ingratiate himself to others it was sickening. Usually psychopaths put on the nicest act, and you look like the harpy and bitch, and so everyone takes their side, it is a horror story, a psychopath can be very charming, and manipulative and manipulate the smartest of people.


The Mask of Sanity Quotes

Zulkinos Quotes from The Mask of Sanity. As EARONS is still at large, and the case so very tantalizing, I began to read any books, articles or papers which might shed light on the mindset of this and other characters of this type. The Lust to Kill. My wife just read the book for that one section. He concludes by addressing figures in history, excluding Adolf Hitler and others from his definition but highlighting Alcibiadesa military general and politician in Ancient Greece. I know, it was written in the early twentieth century, but this chapter is amazingly wrongfull of incredible stereotypes, and horrifying.


The Mask of Sanity By Hervey M. Cleckley

Main article: History of psychopathy In the s, Philippe Pinel first used the French term manie sans delire "mania without delirium" to designate those individuals engaging in deviant behavior but exhibiting no signs of a cognitive disorder such as hallucinations or delusions. Although the meaning of the term has changed through numerous writings on the subject over time, the writing of Cleckley and his use of the label "psychopath" in The Mask of Sanity brought the term into popular usage. Cleckley says in the preface that the book "grew out of an old conviction which increased during several years while I sat at staff meetings in a large neuropsychiatric hospital". He added that after commencing full-time teaching duties he found similar patients to be as prevalent in a general hospital, outpatient clinic and the community.

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