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Table 3. Electrical1 Properties Power source loading maximum in kVA For more information about rack power distribution units and power cord options, see Power distribution unit and power cord options for , , , and racks. See your individual server or hardware specifications for temperature and humidity requirements. Rack noise levels depend on the number and type of drawers installed.

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Page 3 Power Systems Racks and rack features Attaching the front or back ac electrical outlet. Page 6 Power Systems: Racks and rack features Page 7: Safety Notices You should also refer to the safety information documentation any time you do not clearly understand any safety information in the U. English publications. Replacement or additional copies of safety information documentation can be obtained by calling the IBM Hotline at Page 8 Electrical voltage and current from power, telephone, and communication cables are hazardous.

To avoid a shock hazard: v Connect power to this unit only with the IBM provided power cord. Do not use the IBM provided power cord for any other product.

Page 9 Observe the following precautions when working on or around your IT rack system: v Heavy equipment—personal injury or equipment damage might result if mishandled. Follow these general guidelines whenever you relocate a populated rack cabinet within a room or building: v Reduce the weight of the rack cabinet by removing equipment starting at the top of the rack cabinet.

Page 11 L All lasers are certified in the U. Outside the U. Page 12 Exchange only with the IBM-approved part. Recycle or discard the battery as instructed by local regulations.

For information, call Have the IBM part number for the battery unit available when you call. Installing the T00 and T42 racks Use this information to install the T00 and T42 racks. Align the slots of one of the stabilizer brackets with the mounting holes at the bottom front of the rack. Install the two mounting screws. Ensure that the base of the stabilizer bracket rests firmly on the floor. Use the Allen wrench that was supplied with the rack to tighten the mounting screws alternately until they are tight.

Removing the trim panels 3. If they are installed, remove the front and rear doors. After the rack doors have been removed, go to the next substep. Page 18 correctly located, remove the lower plastic isolator bushings.

Figure 5. Installing ac-power mounting plates 1 Rack chassis 7 Jam nut 2 Rack-mounting bolt 8 Leveling foot 3 Thin washer 9 Lower plastic isolator bushing used only on dc powered systems 4 Top plastic isolator bushing ac Typical leveling foot installation for an ac-powered rack Page 19 1 Rack-mounting bolt 7 Leveling foot 2 Thin washer 8 Lower plastic isolator bushing Used only on dc powered systems 3 Top plastic isolator bushing 9 Mounting plate 4 Thick washer 10 Threaded hole Used to secure the rack to stabilizer bracket.

Page 20 Note: You must use a minimum of two anchor bolts for each rack-mounting plate to securely attach the plate to the concrete floor. Because some of the holes in each rack-mounting plate might align with concrete reinforcement rods embedded in the concrete, some of the rack-mounting plate holes might not be usable.


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7014-T42 IBM Rack Model T42



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IBM 7014-T42 Rack Model T42


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