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I love reading these books as they are such a pleasant switch off for me but I must say book one is my favourite. A real Harlequin story with the wronged mistress being thrown out after being framed. No questions, no reasoning just out you go. Poor Marley is pregnant but before she can talk this over with her lover Chrysander, he is throwing her out the door for something she hasnt done. She is then kidnapped but I love reading these books as they are such a pleasant switch off for me but I must say book one is my favourite.

She is then kidnapped but the ransom demands are sent via the conniving secretary who framed her in the first place so Chrysander knows nothing about her kidnapping until he sees Marley on the news MONTHS later, when the kidnappers give up waiting for any comeback to their demands and tell the police where she is.

Chrysander and his two brothers have maligned Marley for ages and when she comes back into the picture, it is a very cool reception for poor Marley. Marley in the meantime has been so traumatised during her kidnapping she has amnesia, so of course Chrysander gets to take her home. I really enjoyed this story especially when Marley is talking to the specialist and says no one asked her if she had done it.

In true harlequin style Marley forgives Chrysander as soon as he says he is sorry. I did like how Theron came through and helped Marley. I found I really liked Theron and how much of a gentleman he was in this is own story, after being such a nice guy to Marley in book one. He treats both the women in his life, his intended future bride and Isabella well. He is planning to marry a good Greek girl whom he is friendly with as they will make a good match and to secure an heir for himself.

But suddenly his ward is all grown up and throwing herself at him. Isabella is the ward of Theron and has crushed on him for years. She sets her cap at him and blatantly pursues him even with the ten year age gap. Isabella starts off immature and selfish but grew on me. After overhearing a conversation, she realised how childish she had been acting and stepped back to allow Theron to choose the bride he wanted.

Damn those condoms. Piers is likeable enough and gives Jewel everything except himself emotionally. When he believes Jewel has lied to him he throws her out, sound familiar, read book one. When he realises his mistake, he hunts for heroine who of course forgives him but also brings back the son he loved but was not his. Confused, read the story. Marley and Chrysander - Mistress and Tycoon, until he accused her of corporate espionage. Marley, heartbroken, ran into the street and right into the grasp of kidnappers.

Various months later she was rescued and was hospitalized, pregnant and with amnesia. This is where the story truly begins. Bella and Theron - Bella has been in love with Theron since her early teens. She has finally grown up and at 22 she is ready to capture her mate. In NYC, Theron helps her find and apartment and settle in.

He then informs her, as her guardian, he has eligible friends he wants her to meet to see if they are agreeable marriage material for her. This is where the story gets sneaky and convoluted. Jewel and Piers - They had a 1 night stand which was erotic and fulfilling. The next day she starts her new job and guess who her boss is Piers calls Human Resources and tells them to transfer her to another hotel but the communication breaks apart so instead of transferring, Jewel got fired.

Months down the line, Jewel has to call Piers because she is pregnant and was told she had to have absolute bed rest. Piers rushes to her side and the insult games begin.





The Anetakis Tycoons Saga: Ricordi sotto il sole-Il magnate greco-Sedotta da un greco



Il magnate greco. Tentazioni sull'Egeo. Vol. 2



Il magnate greco. E-book


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