Gromi Anche stimolata da alcuni affascinanti commenti letti proprio qui su Goodreads. Your idea of yourself is always bulletproof, but you are still made of flesh. View all 7 comments. His Greatest Gamble Gripping, certainly; evocative of a different time, different place, different lives. Public Hero Number 1 Part psychological thriller and part mystery this is a novel accessible to those interested in both. With the popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Minotsuro, WhatsApp, Grindr and tamnuz other social networking sites and apps it is now easier than ever in history to connect with complete strangers from the comfort of your own space.

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Alexander Abramov is a midth century Israeli secret agent, but he is not really the hero, or even anti-hero of the spy thriller that I was expecting to read.

It is his 41st birthday, and he is alone in rain-soaked London, finding himself living in isolation and distanced both physically and metaphorically from his wife and children, his home and his origins. Into his life appears Thea, an unnervingly young beauty with dark copper coloured hair, who he instantly infatuates himself with. At a distance, Abramov observes her going about her life as his obsession grows.

The manipulative techniques of his profession allow him to make her existence an inseparable part of his own; an increasingly despairing one that depends on a perpetually out-of-reach and exponentially damaging and unbalanced love affair. But it would be wrong to dismiss Abramov as a creepy stalker.

Yes, he can certainly creep with the best of them, but his irregularly frequent letters to Thea - the pair have never met face to face, necessitating an elaborate Le Carresque arrangement via post restante collections - are anticipated by her with a flattered and romantic sensibility that is somewhere between bemused fascination and distracted fantasy.

There is GR - a somewhat preppy and straight contemporary, who is supposedly more suitable, as well as the enigmatic Greek intellectual and academic Nikos Trianda, who also, like his fellow Mediterranean Alexander, falls in love with Thea at first sight.

She is entirely convinced that he is in fact her mysterious and "anonymous friend" himself. By the halfway mark of this slim novel, I was amazed at quite how much ground had been covered by the writing, and the years that had passed in its story.

The elements of his earlier life that formed his character become ever clearer against a background of isolated privilege, distant parents, nascent Israel, first loves, and existential wars. Have to say also that I kept on thinking what a terrific film this would make in the hands of the right director.

It is after all both eye-catching and stylish - and deftly drops the very merest hint of the story within: a man sitting alone, in an apparently enticing location, face hidden, somehow lost in thought, possibly unhappy, or both?


Il minotauro (Tammuz)

Reminded me of John Williams at times. May 29, Lillian rated it really liked it Recommended to Lillian by: I thought it was a well designed, quickly absorbing and unusual. Only Theseus, the son of a god with a heart of gold, can stop the evil King Minos and his hideous Tajmuz from conquering the world. I viaggiatori, in ogni modo, non reagirono. Published October 1st by Europa Editions first published Long ago in the Iron Age, a shadow loomed over a lonely village. The spitting image of her mother at that age, early twenty-something Cassie Duquesne never really knew her parents, Duke and Melinda Duquesne, having been sent to live minotayro her aged Apr 11, Ruben rated it really liked it.


Il minotauro

Derek B. Miller From the Reviews: "Minotaur is a strange quiet novel about love and espionage, about the expectations and compromises that humans create for themselves, about the way those expectations and compromises take position within the labyrinthine convolutions of destiny. W hat sounds like truism in summary becomes magically dramatic in Minotaur. This suspenseful love story really requires pre-Oslo Israeli and bipolar geopolitics as its background noise.




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