Took damn near a year. Good bass can be made in many ways as well as the airiness delivered by the super-tweeter b the upper octave. Click image to view large. It has the same perfect pitch that the LE14 and have.

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Mikat From a horn-loaded tweeter, the above frequency response is very flat indeed, and impedance is almost ruler flat. Their designer uses them in 4. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions — opens in a new window or tab.

Download Fusion series here. Size matters and none of these drivers have to work hard to do the SPL. An item that has been previously used. In addition to this, ports may contribute to bass extension. Go to on this page: There are a lot less timing errors on the new stuff and also helps transients and resolving power. I went to 18 Sound, Italy.

Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. Some will say yes, some may say it all depends. This seems to work very well indeed. You jnl I can sit here listening to how fantastic these loudspeakers sound while the rest of the world frets about theory.

The simulation above assumes the acoustic center of the compression driver is some mm behind midrange driver. Not easy to my experience. Pictures and images JBL H — Audiofanzine The second driver in line for midrange is the 10NW This JBL driver was tested more out of curiosity than from any intention of using it in this construction, but I wanted to know how the original midrange driver was performing.

Here on the same 65 x cm baffle. Above the waterfall plot of one of the H drivers. The jb, then has to process all that and put the presentation back together. Please enter a number less than or equal to 0.

Sorry it was earlier. This creates serious comb filtering looking something like this if I take the FT96H to the front of the box.

Preparing rear panel and cutting to length. All of a sudden I found out I had tightened the straps so much the cabs started bulging on the middle being mm wide. After a couple of weeks of listening to the 10NDA driver, I felt sure about what this driver could do and time was ripe to try out alternatives.

Please read carefully before asking: Todays modern big monitors are setup the same way as the K2 without a big cone mid. Adding upper panel in crossover housing. Compartment for crossover and Hypex will have to added later.

On listening to a and comparing it to a there is no comparison. All fillets in place. Related Articles


JBL 2123H 10" Midrange Speaker

Vot People then try and make the horn smaller and that makes matters much worst. This speaker will seriously display any deficiency in amplification and source material. There is simply no need too drop a 10 between the horn and the woofer. But trying to find a listenable 2 way is like pulling hens teeth. This all look very nice from each driver measured under ideal conditions and summation calculated from an ideal point between pairs of drivers.


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