Dikus His real name is Sunanda Roychowdhury. This one comes from Avijan Publishers. For the Bengali politician, see Muzaffar Ahmed. On 20th Februaryhe was made the President of the Sahitya Akademi. Sunil Gangopadhyay was an author and poet.

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Main characters[ edit ] Kakababu: Kakababu is the disabled former Director of the Archaeological Survey of India , whose real name is Raja Roychowdhury. He is from a migrated Bengali family. His family origin was from East Bengal. In one of the earlier stories, it is said that Kakababu lost one leg in a jeep accident in Afghanistan , several years ago, and walks with the help of a crutch.

However, in "Kakabaubur Prothom Abhijan", it is revealed that Kakababu lost his leg when he jumped off a cliff to help his friend Kamal. This accident however has not crippled his strong mental will and physical strength. He is much sought after by the Indian intelligence to solve critical cases of crime. He has worked in CBI for some years as an advisor. He has been trapped and captured by enemies on several occasions, but escaped unhurt, or nominally hurt. In solving cases of crime, he has travelled to several parts of India and the world.

Each new adventure takes him to a new destination. He is excellent in fencing, revolver shooting and swimming. His age is estimated to be over 60 at present. In few occasions, he used the crutch as weapon.

Who first studies in Tirthapati Institution and after that in Ballygunge Govt. The only college-going nephew of Kakababu, and the companion to all Kakababu adventures. This young adult has sharp wit and intelligence, and his mental strength is only comparable to Kakababu.

He has also been trapped on several occasions by ruthless enemies. He is an excellent swimmer and an outstanding athlete. He is the best friend of Jojo. He was very close to Kakababu like Shantu and Jojo also loves him a lot. He was introduced as a character to give comic relief, resulting from his habit of telling lies but not for bad will, but creating imaginary stories about his dramatic life experiences. Debolina Dutta: A friend of Shantu and Jojo, and seemingly their one of the only two female friends The other one is Rini.

She has got involved in some of the Kakababu adventures. Saibal Dutta: Father of Debolina Dutta, a rich and jovial person. Rini: Another friend of Shantu and Jojo, and seemingly their one of the only two female friend The other one is Debolina. Oli: She is another female friend of Shantu and Jojo. Narendra Verma: A veteran I. He is a friend of Kakababu. Adventures of Kakababu Sontu[ edit ] Bhoyonkor Sundor


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Mikagor So every novel in Kakababu has a new place. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Harun Yahya Bangla Books. All English Islamic Books.


Kakababu Samagra PDF (All Volumes) By Sunil Gangopadhyay

Tasida You may also like… desktop-columns-3 tablet-columns-2 mobile-columns-1 Sale Quick View. He solves crime cases and travels to different parts of the world with his nephew Shontu. Kakababu Samagra Part-6 [File Size: In this witty and warm-hearted account, famous traveller-writer Gaurishankar Bhattacharya tells what it is like to explore the wonderful aura of nature in Dooars and Terai. Harun Yahya Bangla Books. The first three films in the list are the Kakababu Original film series.


কাকাবাবু সমগ্র ৫

He is very good at sakagra and swimming. His real name is Sunanda Roychowdhury. Sunil Gangopadhyay was an author and poet. All English Islamic Books. Later he wrote for many different publications. Reviews There are no reviews yet.


Kakababu Samagra - Vol.5 (Bengali)

Arashile Since then, the series continued for 33 years on popular demand, with over 36 adventure novels in print until the death of the author in Shanku Samagra by Satyajit Samagra Kakababu Samagra Part-5 [File Size: Although he lost his leg, still he is very strong mentally and physically. All Science Fiction Books. This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat Shopping cart 0 items — 0. Reviews There are no reviews yet.

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