Page 1 Lathem Time Corporation Be sure to use your time clock after you have fully understood the hardware and software specifications and limits. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise. Place the time clock close to the wall outlet so that it is easily accessible to disconnect.

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Hold the left and right sides of the cover and lift up. Place the ribbon cassette inside the time recorder as shown in the figure.

Push the ribbon cassette until it snaps into the clasps on both sides. Page 9 4 Precautions to take when replacing the ribbon Take the following precautions when inserting a new ribbon cassette.

Install the ribbon cassette so that the ribbon is between the print head and the ribbon mask see the figure on the left. Printing will not come out properly if the ribbon is placed behind the ribbon mask see the figure on the right. To mount the unit on a wall, take the following steps: Install wall mount screws supplied into a wall 3. Be sure to keep about 0. Page Daily Operations 4. Basic operations, including the time and dates are preset.

It is easy to operate the unit. The time card is automatically pulled in, printed and then ejected. If not, the card will be ejected and an error sign will appear. Optional When the time card is inserted, the recorder will judge the last imprint and automatically switch the "IN" Page Card Reassign Card reassign When the card that you are using becomes full Max 64 punches , it will show "END" on the display and the buzzer will sound.

When the "END" appears, you can use the "Card reassign" mode to transfer the card and have a new card take over from the old one. In this function, it will be usefull Example: The number of the card you want to reset is "". Cover The number of cards Page 16 You can reset the card without removing the cover when the time recorder is used under the following condition. In order to reset the card, you must push the right-side button Reset button and then insert the card.

Page 18 Break times can be automatically deducted from totals using the "Auto Break Deduction" feature. You must set a base working elapsed time and break duration.

Once total working hours reaches to Elapsed Time, Break Duration will be deducted from the total working hours. Page Setting 6. Key hole Make settings using the control button while watching the display. Please refer to the following page for the details of each setting. Display Control button Pull back the cover while returning it from your side to the opposite side to install it. If error " E " appears when you try to change settings, then you must reset all cards before proceeding.

Page 25 Example 3 Semimonthly closing in Payroll Mode the starting dates are 1st and 16th. After punching 64 times, the end sign appears. If you want to reset the card manually without removing the cover, you must select "Reset is YES". At that moment, the flashing of the display will change to the right-side number.


1600E Tru-Align Atomic Time Clock

With a sleek compact design and small footprint, the E mounts easily to wall or can be used on a table top. This guarantees that your employees make the perfect-punch on their time cards every time. The whisper-print technology delivers extremely quiet time card punches and printing. Perpetual calendar until Year , changes year, month, date automatically and the time during Daylight Savings. Never needs resetting, keeps time and your settings during power outages. As a job clock it can track project time for accurate costing.


How To Reset A 1000E



Lathem 1000E Electronic Time Clock User Manual


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