Following the great unifying vision of the Stoic Posidonius, Laura weaves together the study of history, mythology, religion, psychology and physics, revealing a view of the world that is both rational and breathtaking in its all-encompassing scope. Facts of history have been altered to support the illusion. The question today is whether a sufficient number of people will see through the deceptions, thus creating a counter-force for positive change — the gold of humanity — during the upcoming times of Macro-Cosmic Quantum Shift. Laura argues convincingly, based on the revelations of the deepest of esoteric secrets, that the present is a time of potential transition, an extraordinary opportunity for individual and collective renewal: a quantum shift of awareness and perception which could see the birth of true creativity in the fields of science, art and spirituality. The Secret History of the World allows us to redefine our interpretation of the universe, history, and culture and to thereby navigate a path through this darkness.

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Welcome to the Cassiopaea. Here you can find links to our other websites. Quantum Future Physics is the website devoted to the work of Professor Jadczyk. Professor Jadczyk is fascinated by the problems of the foundations of quantum theory, and its relation to the philosophy of science and theories of knowledge, consciousness and mind.

In the past he has worked on algebraic methods of quantum theory, differential geometric methods of field theory, theories of gravitation, Kaluza-Klein theories of hidden dimensions, and supersymmetry, non-commutative geometry.

The interested reader can have a look at his CV and List of Publications. Laura is also the author of numerous articles in print and on the Internet. Petersburg Times. French spent over five years following Laura and her work at the end of which time he wrote: "After all this time, I cannot begin to tell you what is truly happening with Laura. I do know that she remains as intriguing as ever.

From the moment I met her, she has made me consider possibilities that would not have occurred to me otherwise. She has forced me to see and think in new ways. Be prepared to challenge and examine everything you ever thought and believed as she brings the logic of a mathematician, the vision of a mystic, and the compassion of a mother to the quest for the solutions to the problems of Man and the Universe.

Ark and Laura are admirers of the celebrated British mathematician, William Kingdon Clifford whose books, papers, and research made important contributions to the enormous scientific progress of the 19th century.

Bertrand Russell noted in , that, besides being a mathematician, Clifford was a great philosopher who: "saw all knowledge, even the most abstract, as part of the general life of mankind, and as concerned in the endeavour to make human existence less petty, less superstitious and less miserable.

Smith of Oxford, C. Klein, H. Willard Gibbs and C. Clifford was, at the beginning of his career at Cambridge, an ardent High Churchman. His belief in Catholic theology was a result of his family background and his studies of St. Clifford participated in religious debates in which he attempted to reconcile advances in scientific thought with traditional Christian beliefs. As time went by, he found his early formal Christian faith becoming eroded, and his skepticism grew. By his third year at Cambridge, he had become an eloquent and zealous advocate of agnosticism, and later, of atheism.

Clifford studied literature, history, and languages including Arabic, Greek and Sanskrit; he was very much interested in "all methods of conveying thought. The vacancies were exceedingly rare - perhaps one or two in the course of the year - and the utmost care and study were bestowed on choosing the new members.

Rank neither told for a man nor against him. The same with riches, the same with learning and, what is more strange, the same with intellectual gifts of all kinds. The same too with goodness; nor even were the qualities that make a man agreeable any sure recommendation of him as a candidate The man was not to talk the talk of any clique; he was not to believe much in any of his adventitious advantages, neither was he to disbelieve in them - for instance to affect to be radical because he was a lord.

I confess I have no one word which will convey all that I mean; but I tell you that above all things he was to be open -minded. When we voted for a man we generally summed him up by saying, "He has an Apostolic spirit in him" This society was a group through which, as Henry Sidgwick, the great nineteenth century moral philosopher described it, members acquired "a belief that we could learn, and a determination that we will learn, from people of the most opposite opinions. William Clifford enunciated his ideas about the necessity for science to alleviate the sufferings of humanity in story about Sir Walter Raleigh, delivered as a dramatic dialogue at the age of twenty-four.

He said: Now, as then, there is a Dorado, meant for the good of all men, the gift of Him who sends rain upon the just and upon the unjust. The student of science lives in the consciousness that at any moment that may be revealed to him which shall change utterly the whole face of society, and alleviate in an enormous degree the physical miseries of mankind. And now, as then, there is the danger lest that which is meant for the good of all should be perverted into an instrument of evil; lest, after all, the only result should be that another portion of conquered Nature is cursed for the sake of man.

Ark advocates that everyone should act as if the fate of the universe depends on his actions even in the most trivial of situations. To do the "right" thing requires knowledge, perspicacity, and concern for all humanity.

This is the principle of non-linear dynamics that is best expressed in the story of the Butterfly Effect. The "Butterfly Effect" is often ascribed to Lorenz. You may think that it is beneath the dignity of human nature to spend all this time in contemplating the size and shape of a piece of wood. Very well; it is written in the fifteenth chapter of the Koran that when Adam was created all the angels were commanded to worship him.

But Eblis, the chief of them, refused, saying, "Far be it from me that am a pure spirit, to worship a creature of clay. Now the doom of Eblis awaits you if you fail to give due reverence to these little obvious everyday things - things that are true of every stone that lies on the pavement, of every drop of rain that falls from heaven, of every breath of air that fans you. Like him, you will find with astonishment, that the creature of clay that you despise is the Lord of Nature and the Measure of all things, for in every speck of dust that falls lies hid the laws of the universe; and there is not an hour that passes in which you do not hold the Infinite in your hand.

Open mindedness, curiosity, and awe of the fact of existence is fundamental to Ark and Laura and the Quantum Future Group. It was, in fact, these very qualities that led Laura to the "Cassiopaean Experiment. I only cared that the therapeutic modality worked and gave people relief. My own theory was that it gave them a drama to explain things, to work things out; a way to achieve a resolution by changing the script of the drama.

Same with "spirit release therapy. I was quite astonished at the results and was very careful to not contaminate my subjects , and wondered just what the heck was going on?

Again, I just explained it to myself that it was a self-created drama that allowed the person to sort themselves out. I only cared that it relieved suffering. And it did, every time. It was even a rather simple formulaic process which is why I was so surprised that it worked.

Could it be that easy? My working hypothesis at the time, considering the boring regularity with which subjects from all walks of life came up with the same images, the same types of dramas, the same dynamics in the subconscious mind, was that there was some sort of "field of images," or archetypes to which all human beings were connected in some way. Well, let me make that more precise: people sorted into groups according to which images and dynamics were dominant in their particular case.

So, I decided that it would be interesting to access this pure field. The obvious answer was some form of "channeling. One of the more interesting theories I came across regarding so-called "channeling" was developed by Barbara Honegger, said to be the first person in the United States to obtain an advanced degree in experimental parapsychology.

Honegger suggested that automatism was the result of "stimulation" of the right hemisphere of the brain so that it could overcome the suppression of the left hemisphere. Automatism, as you might know, relates directly to utilizing a device such as automatic writing or a Ouija board type instrument. It was never entirely clear what was doing the stimulating, however and I could obtain no further information on her research. Whether or not the information was supposed to come from the subconscious of the individual or "spirits," was not clearly spelled out.

But my thought was that, if it was true that some form of automatism could assist in synchronizing the right and left hemisphere of the brain, that even if it did not result in any real "contact," it was still a worthy exercise. As I have said, there was an open possibility in my mind that such things as "spirits" were merely fragments of the personality of an individual, sort of like little broken off circuits in the brain running in repetitive loops, created by trauma or stress.

Perhaps an individual, when faced with a difficulty, entered a narcissistic state of fantasy, created a "dream," which was imprinted in the memory of the brain. If they then emerged from this state back into dealing with their reality, but not having dealt with the issue itself, it might become locked away in a sort of cerebral file drawer, sitting there, waiting to be triggered by the electricity or neurochemicals of the brain in some random unconscious scan.

The same could be said for so- called past life memories; they were merely self-created memory files generated in a state of narcissistic withdrawal due to stress. Such neurological files could then be downloaded and read by using the conscious bypass method of either automatism or simply allowing the conscious mind to "step aside" as in hypnosis. For that matter, simple psychotherapy could be considered channeling in these terms.

Trance channeling is more problematic because it suggests a definite pathological condition. In such cases, the "alter" ego, as either an alternate personality or whatever, is strong and well entrenched enough to establish a far stronger hold on the body of the host than those which can only manifest via automatism or trance.

My theory was that whatever the theorized "source" of whatever might be accessible, the method of automatism could be more safely utilized to access the field of archetypal symbols and dynamics that seemed to be the pool from which all people drew in the creation of their personal dramas, leaving aside the question of whether or not those dramas represented anything factual or not.

My idea was that if this field could be accessed directly, after playing out and thereby eliminating via feedback, any personal thought loops or memory files, that a great deal of information about the human condition at large might be available. I continued to dig and read cases and find out everything I could about the subject.

It seems that all "primitive" or preliterate cultures had some form of codified communication between "spirits" and the living. Again, let me reiterate that I consider this nomenclature to be simply convention. This phenomenon seems to be universal in the ancient world, and only came under condemnation with the inception of monotheism around BC.

When Yahweh spoke through his channels, they were called prophets and the activity was "divine inspiration". When anybody else did it, it was necromancy or demonic possession, or even just out and out deception.

Of course that begs the question as to why people were put to death for lying about communicating with gods that were claimed not to exist? And, if they did actually exist, and were actually communicating, as Yahweh was also, then what status does that suggest about Yahweh, since he was the one who claimed to be the only god and that this was true simply because Yahweh said so via channeling?

Most curious. In the sixth century BC the Thracian Dionysiac cults were known to be using shamans as trance channels to communicate with the spirits, or what were then known as theoi or gods that were said to be discarnate immortal beings with superhuman powers.

Some scholars suggest that rationalist philosophy was born out of the Dionysiac, Orphic, and Eleusinian mystery cults devoted to the channeling of these gods; certainly much ancient Greek philosophy, especially that of Pythagoras, Heraclitus, and Plato, was saturated with these mysteries.

Even down to the present day, the mysteries of the Pythagoreans are subjects of intense interest to scientists and mystics alike. And here there seems to be evidence that the advanced knowledge of Pythagoras may have been obtained via a Ouija board! This brings us back to the question, of course, as to how "channeled" information could have been the basis of the Rationalist philosophy that there was nothing to channel?

Just another step in stripping away any spiritual support from the lives of human beings? By the time the Romans had conquered Greece, the rationalist movement was turning against spirit-channeling. Cicero, the Roman rationalist whom the early Church Fathers highly revered, railed against spirit-channeling or necromancy on the grounds that it involved ghastly pagan rituals.

What seems to have happened is that, eventually, rationalism bit the hand that fed it and began to devour its father, monotheism, by further extending the argument to the idea that there is no god, there are no spirits, nothing survives the death of the physical body, so there is really nobody for us to talk to on the "other side," so why bother?

Nevertheless, as I noted: I thought it would be interesting to try to access the "pure field of archetypes. And so, I settled down to do it, and it took over two years. Ark writes: The name Cassiopaea was given by a consciously "channeled source" which Laura accessed in after two years of experimental work. The source identified itself by saying "we are you in the future. When interpreting "we are you in the future in an oversimplified way, we are faced with causal paradoxes.


[ Laura Knight Jadczyk] The Secret History Of The World

In addition to that, beginning back in the early days, vigorous efforts were made to suppress my warnings by taking me off the stage, so to say. Failing that, the global censorship imposed by Google, Facebook, Twitter and the mainstream media has taken its toll. Referrals from FB and Twitter used to be our main mode of connection; now they have faded to oblivion. But Greta Thunberg has no idea. And the propagation of her ignorance is literally criminal which, since she is a willing participant, though little more than a child, makes her a criminal too. The words change, but the tune is the same: manipulation and control of humanity is the game.


The Secret History Of The World


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