As a young man, Sampedro jumped into the sea from rocks near his home, a fishing village in the northern Spanish region of Galicia. However, owing to his paralysis, he was physically unable to commit suicide without help. He argued that suicide was a right that he was being denied, and he sought legal advice concerning his right to receive assistance to end his life, first in the courts of Spain, where his case attracted country-wide attention. Eventually, his fight became known worldwide. Death and aftermath[ edit ] Commemorative plaque for Sampedro in As Furnas. Sampedro died on Monday 12 January in Boiro , Spain, from potassium cyanide poisoning.

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He slurped poison through a straw, licked his lips and smiled. Heaving and lunging for the next 40 minutes, he still summoned mischievous smiles throughout his death throes. To prepare for the lead role, the actor Javier Bardem also filmed himself in bed each night, practicing that charismatic smile that Mr.

The movie opened in Spain in September and won the jury grand prize at the Venice Film Festival later that month. Bardem also won the best actor award in Venice. The film will open in New York on Dec.

So from Mr. So in and , Mr. Like much of Spain, I knew the Sampedro who looked so directly into the camera on the national news, who wrote such poems. Sampedro in his quixotic legal efforts. Gordo and studying hours of news footage and documentary material as well as the minute film Mr. Sampedro made. But in real life, in the Spanish judicial system, he was not permitted to speak.

And the movie kept it that way, resisted the temptation. First, the family made their corrections to the script. Then, they trained Mr. Bardem in the nuances of how Mr. Sampedro wrote with a pen in his mouth, how his sister-in-law rolled him over every few hours in his bed, or how Mr. Sampedro lisped and muttered his Galician-tilted Spanish. But as an expression of solidarity with those who assisted Mr. Sampedro, thousands of Spaniards sent letters to the government claiming responsibility for providing the cup of poison.

Most difficult, said Mr. Seduction, mental seduction, became a way for him to feel alive. As for his family, there was so much left unsaid among them, he dominated their lives then and now. Bardem concluded that death uncannily enlivened Mr.

Sampedro when the life he wanted -- full of the motion of a sailor and the vitality of a seducer -- disappeared. Bardem said his challenge was to inhabit more than act. Bardem said. Bardem added that Mr. The debate that occurred in Spain, and that is still occurring, split so quickly into for and against, Mr. Bardem said that Mr. Sampedro kept smiling for the camera as he died because he was amused at the idea of recording himself for the needy arbitrators on both sides of a national debate about death.

He was a quadriplegic, not a paraplegic. The article misstated his age when he committed suicide. He was 55, not


Into the Life of a Man Fighting for the Right to Die

But he somehow seduced women around him, which was a way for him to feel alive. BoiroGalicia, Spain. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. He left an open letter to the judges and the society and caused ramkn ethical turmoil in the Spanish society which led to a Senatorial Committee on Euthanasia in As a young man he jumped into the sea from rocks near his home, a fishing village in the northern Spanish lerters of Galicia. He was handsome, and knew many women. They told me about his sense of lettres.



Akinojora After the release of Mar adentroit was edited again. However, owing to his paralysis, he was physically unable to commit suicide without help. If you are looking for a depressing book, you found one. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Add to Your books.

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