Born an American, celebrated in India as a leading architect and urbanist, Benninger possesses a sense of timelessness that spreads across oceans and over mountains. Letters to a Young Architect is a sensitive memoir of his life in Amongst the Top Ten Best Selling Books, Non-Fiction in India for 18 running weeks, this is a must read for the layman and the architect alike. Letters to a Young Architect is a sensitive memoir of his life in India and his personal concerns about architectural theory and contemporary urban issues. The book represents a mature reflection of lessons learned along an ardous journey. Through the medium of articles and lectures presented over the past decade, a lucid collection of essays emerges to testify to the commonality of the human condition.

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A Fulbright Fellowship brought him to India in where he worked with Balkrishna Doshi at the [then] School of Architecture, who called him back to India to found the School of Planning in Asian Development and the World Bank assignments have taken him to the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia on urban development works.

He won the competition fotr the Upper House of Parliament. He has created mass shelter systems in Chennai, Gujarat, Hyderabad and other cities employing concepts like self help housing and "growing houses. On the edge of Pune he is building a large township for Abhishek Lodha. His city and regional planning works range from Sri Lanka, across India to Bhutan.

His narrative presents a language that lies between American ideals embedded in its wooded Arcadian landscapes and sacred notions enshrined within Indian courtyards, generating a unique approach to architecture and place making.

The book is also translated into Chinese language and published from Shanghai. Currently Prof. Benninger is working on his second book "The Plan".


Book Review : Letters to a Young Architect

The renowned architect thus arrived in India, but returned to his home country at the end of his scholarship period. Before Benninger moved to Pune in , he had lived to Ahmedabad to set up the School of Planning, in , after resigning from an academic position at Harvard University. Translated by the writer and journalist Pratik Bardhan, the book, which is published by Dhaka-based Bengal Foundation, has been two years in the making says Luva Nahid Chaudhury, Director General of the foundation. Meer Mobasher Ali, who was a student with him in the US, and who is among the earliest professors of architecture in independent Bangladesh. The yearold architect had discovered his own calling after reading a book. I was inspired. The Bengali edition of Letters to a Young Architect joins the ranks of the translations that are already available in Chinese and Gujarati.


Letters To A Young Architect

Size: 7. He settled in India in , founding the school of Planning at Ahmedabad. Benninger is a strong believer in tradition, in gurus and in students, and in a lineage of values, ideals, principles and practices which have been matured from generation to generation. He is concerned with the education of architects; the nature of architecture itself; and the role of urbanism and planning in the creation of a new society. The following lines are one of the many critical evaluations of that Benninger makes of the current state of architecture.

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