This article needs additional citations for verification. Bowens International Wayne Johns — Maintaing a positive mental attitude. You may also send a clear picture of your face and one full body picture along with your stats and a brief message to models davidotokpa. We now print over 60, copies in total, which are distributed via Bowens dealers and inserted into leading photographic titles in the UK, Europe and the USA — and the digital version can be seen on the Bowens website. Until the s, studio flash systems were large and cumbersome, requiring bulky power generators to power iltebook flash heads, connected by large cables. Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated photography directories.

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How to best share lighting know-how was the strategic driver behind the launch of our TeamBowens initiative — a free mentoring programme for all aspirational photographers. The programme is populated by a growing team of some of the best practitioners of light known to man! And now we are delighted to launch the new-look TeamBowens website teambowens. To me all the camera is doing is recording whatever is in front of me.

Email: litebook bowens. All models and technical specifications featured are subject to change and without notice. Check out our relaunched site for our highly acclaimed free tutoring programme dedicated to inspiring photographers. PROfile: Glenn Norwood. Shooting through Crystals Jake shows how to experiment with your imagery by adding creative elements. LiteBites with Jake Hicks. Our challenge is to make whatever we have in our viewfinder as captivating as possible using the range of capture tools we have at our disposal.

Craig Stidham discusses how to match your light with the available ambient light on location. Five years after graduating from The Arts University College Bournemouth Tory is now firmly established in the business and is building an enviable reputation based on the individuality of her approach and the ability to collaborate with other creatives to tackle projects that perfectly showcase her talents.

Then a move to London was inevitable as the capital city is where so many potential clients are based. At the same time I was making contacts and experiencing working with models, make-up artists and stylists and I loved having the chance to be able to bounce ideas off other creatives. I found it thrilling and, for me, it adds to the excitement of the shoot concept. My work covers fashion, beauty, swimwear, jewellery, advertising and editorial.

Ultimately clients are attracted by the fact that they know they will only get the image they envisage by hiring the photographer who can deliver that particular look, and this is the key to ongoing income generation.

Alongside delivering the performance I need, the equipment has proved itself to be both robust and reliable. What I need to do is consistently demonstrate my creative and logistical skills - and I can only really do this by setting myself new personal projects and effectively taking on the kinds of jobs that I would like someone to commission me to do. Tory adapted accordingly and arranged both early morning and late in the day shoots, when the temperatures were more manageable.

She also came up with a fresh and inspiring alternative location when one of the shade-free desert settings proved just too hot to handle. Most recently that mindset has led Tory to take on an ambitious three-day shoot in Morocco involving the assembly of a sixstrong creative team; handling the logistics of arranging flights; accommodation and travel within the country and then producing a set of dynamic images that made full use of the glorious and evocative locations she encountered in the desert.

I knew it would be the most captivating backdrop for a creative shoot and I knew I just had to go back. I persuaded brands to come on board, including swimwear companies and jewellery designers. I offered them pictures of their products in return for the off-set of expenses like flights and accommodation. Once things started to fall into place I had to pull my team together and find a suitable location.

I was lucky to stumble across the Villa Dinari, just outside Marrakesh. It had everything I needed, and I could see the potential for pictures everywhere I looked. Crystals, specifically the ones that are clear, refract light as they are denser than air. When light is shone through them those highlights and refracted reflections can create some terrific effects when they are very out of focus. The easiest way to do this is to hold the crystals in front of the lens with a shallow depth of field whilst focusing on your subject in the distance.

Another key attribute that will aid the effect is to not only light your subject but the crystals in front of the lens too. This can result in some great bokeh and colour artefacts. I mention colour artefacts because this can be another of the unique properties associated with crystals; rainbow effects. Usually, along with the density of the crystal rainbow, colours can be seen as a result of shining light through them but antique crystals were also coated with lead and this is the main reason they shine so beautifully.

This shot was taken between two crystals held either side of the lens. By shining light directly at the crystals too you are able to create additional colours and highlights in the foreground. Antique Crystals: Look out for the lead coating when choosing antique crystals. This shots was captured with an 85mm prime lens at f1.

I landed a job in a large prolab run by award-winning photographer David Campbell and I started to learn about the art of photography and C41 and RA4 colour processing. One year later I had a Kodak Gold Award on my own mantelpiece! I love music and I began working in photojournalism, shooting the popular hip-hop bands of the time. I returned to Belfast full of confidence and with a new spring in my step.

The rest is history, as they say. We developed the business together but we have always kind of gone our own ways within it. She has masterminded a niche boudoir business and as I focus on fashion, advertising and editorial photography, alongside our buoyant Norwood Training segment, we seem to have a number of photodisciplines covered off between us.

We could not live without it. I try to be original with every session so we do lots of weird stuff with light; bouncing it off mirrors; using foil to create patterns; gels and wind machines. We use anything that creates movement. So versatile, I use it bare, with the diffuser for soft light or my favourite, with the grid for ultimate control.

When it all went digital I just knew I had to get to grips with it and I learnt Photoshop. But pro-training is still a very important facet of our business.

But to me a camera, is a camera, is a camera! I decided to help them. I was just trying to give something back but it all became a bit of a monster. And then what was supposed to be just Photoshop advice and counsel morphed into lighting seminars and general photographic training and marketing. I am very low-tech in that way but I am very inquisitive. I love to tinker, experiment and create. Now the trend is to hire studio space as required — until the ownership dream can be realised.

However, given the right entrepreneurial mind and the vision to involve the community in the space and it can still be done, as Ben Morgan is proving at Vessel, tucked away in the heart of Liverpool Docks. When Ben came across the space in it was serving as an art gallery and it clearly needed a lot of work to transform it into a place that could comfortably house full-scale photographic and film shoots.

However, the potential was there and, following a sharp intake of breath, Ben plunged in and set off on the eight month process of turning it into the studio of his dreams. I joined a touring band as their live video artist, and quickly became involved in working on various creative projects with a variety of up and coming bands. After a few years of touring and freelance creative work I started to dream about setting up a studio of my own that would be suitable for both photography and film-making.

Liverpool has so many empty warehouses, so I looked for the perfect space. The one we 23 came across in the docklands area was perfect for our needs, and Vessel was born. In addition there are three tenanted in-house studio offices. They required a lot of space for their various filming set-ups, and it was great to see that at least some of their footage was being produced using a vintage Bolex camera.

The final film is being released in cinemas next year. The practical aspects mean there are no trailing cables, while the pantographs are so user-friendly they allow someone to position the rails easily even if they happen to be holding a camera in their other hand at the time!

I was attracted to them by their highly impressive build quality. For someone running a hire studio this is a crucial consideration.

I think very carefully about how I run the place, and the sheer diversity of the work being made here underpins the fact that Vessel has creativity at its heart. Sometimes a classic clean and simple one light portrait is enough, and if lit correctly, a strong single light shot can look terrific.

But if we want to build on that there a lot of things we can do to make a simple portrait substantially more engaging.


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Company history[ edit ] Bowens manufacture d lighting equipment for photographers. The first flash bulb units were produced in and in the company started to produce its first electronic studio flash systems. Until the s, studio flash systems were large and cumbersome, requiring bulky power generators to power the flash heads, connected by large cables. In , Bowens invented the first electronic studio flash unit with its power source built into it. This became known as a monobloc sometimes Monolite which is now an industry standard tool.



Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section. Bowens mount? The mount is kinda-industry-standard, the company - not so much any more.


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Zulkigor FREE video tutorials available now! Wayne Johns — Maintaing a positive mental attitude. For other uses, see Bowen disambiguation. Bowens offered many products, ranging from their compact flash units, to their softboxes and accessories. XATEP and 1 other liked this. He works closely with clients to bring life to their briefs, both in studio and on location and excels at creating cost-effective solutions, saving businesses and agencies time and money.


Bowens International

Bowens manufacture d lighting equipment for photographers. Home — Litebook For other uses, see Bowen disambiguation. To view the article, click HERE. He welcomes any challenge on movie trivia. Other articles you might find interesting May Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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