And Lumatere is safe. And an imposter king takes the throne. And a curse is put on Lumatere, which traps those caught inside and forces thousands of others to roam the land as exiles, dying of fever and persecution in foreign camps. But ten years later Finnikin is led to another rock to meet the young novice, Evanjalin.

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Shelves: aaangst , assassins , awesomeness-of-awesomeness , babies , bad-boys-brought-to-their-knees , bad-guy-redemption , codependent , crushing-on-secondaries , doomed-love-4evah , doorstoppers So, I just finished the Lumatere Chronicles trilogy and I am totally bereft. I havent fallen in love with a book because its really one long novel, especially books 2 and 3 this hard in a very long time.

What am I going to do now? Objectively, the world building is problematic those population numbers for Lumatere simply do not make sense in light of their cultural variety and political importance , but the language, the plot and, above all, the characters simply make it not matter. I had some issues with Finnikin of the Rock the first book on my initial read, though I genuinely like it in retrospect, and Quintana of Charyn was excellent and it and FotE are really one novel tbh but FotE was my favorite - all the plot and romance and character development and near death experiences and ohhhh, my favorite OTP!

Favorite male character: This one is hard, but Froi wins that one. A tormented mess of an assassin who discovers flawed family, true love, heroism and himself. He is pretty much the ultimate character crush. Sorry Finnikin and Trevanion, you came close! Favorite female character: Quintana. Hands down. No contest. Finnikin has it tough but not as much as those ones and yet she is so tough, so survivalist and so inexorably herself. I love her. Ummm, on my first read of FotR, I thought I really disliked her actually.

But then in FotE and QoC, I adored her and her complex character and her passionate complicated marriage to Finnikin and her rage and damage and nobility and kindness and spine. And on rereading FotR in light of what we learned about her past and what drove her at the end of that book, I ended up loving her there as well.

Go Isaboe! You are amazing! Another contender is Froi. When I spoiled myself that this was the name of the thief from Sarnak as Froi is known for the first half of FotR , and so the second book was about him, I boggled - I mean, what on earth could you write about a violent, barely verbal young thug who hated everyone and thought it might be a good idea to try to rape Isaboe?

But the books actually had an amazing character arc for him, both explaining where he came from and how it is he thought violence, whether with fists or otherwise, was the only acceptable way without excusing it, and also allowing the character to slowly, painfully grow into a worthy person, never sweeping the past under the rug. Good job, MM! In a lot of ways, he and Isaboe are mirrors of each other - truly horrific childhood turning them into some pretty dark people, who would have become truly terrifying sociopaths without a purpose - for Isaboe the restoration of Lumatere, and for Froi his service to Isaboe and Finnikin and then his care for Quintana and Charyn.

The fucked up assassin and the even more fucked up princess. He teaches her how to survive and she becomes his reason to. They are basically fucked up perfection. I fell in love with them so hard in second and third books. Basically throw an OTP at me from this series and I ship it.

OTP you do not like: Lirah x Gargarin - for reasons stated above. Favorite secondary character: Trevanion. Most disturbing scene: The mines, where Trevanion has to pretend he wants Finnikin for a lover and fights for him. Ugh yikes yikes yikes. The series is filled with horrifying scenes but that takes the cake. Angstiest scene: Finnikin and Isaboe losing the baby.

That still makes me want to bawl. Most romantic scene: Froi seeing Quintana and their son in the stream and running to them and kneeling to her, clinging. What you wish for the characters after the story ended: Isaboe and Finnikin go on and have 5 more children, boys and girls, who are all awesome and healthy. Oh, and Isaboe makes friends her age. Tesadora and Perri actually get hitched, get a house together and have a child. They are terrifying people who are someone very indulgent parents.

Arjuro trains replacement doctors so he can have a break, which he spends blabbing with his brother, spoiling Tariq and making out with his favorite provincaro.

Froi and Quintana feel happy and safe and as if they belong. They are pretty over-protective about their son, but the boy feels ridiculously love. Occasionally, Froi goes to visit Lumatere and all his friends.

He and Finn hang out and occasionally discuss their BAMFy wives, but mainly they talk about random stuff. Perri and Trevanion and Lucian join them. Lucian and Phaedra continue as they are and maybe have a few wild kids who run circles around their gruff father but do what their quiet, teeny mother says.

Trevanion and Beatriss continue to heal each other, make that village she bought a success and are awesome parents to Vestie. Nothing bad happens to anyone ever. The end hide spoiler ]


The Lumatere Chronicles



Lumatere Chronicles Series




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