He went to school In the national capital, passing into collegiate at Be that as it may tof course. The brothers were ride. In up wilh a m thal. He is seen here front centre watching a potter at work in a Stoke pottery. Sties 72x inches or 81 x inches.

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She also claimed a fourth place tie In all-events at 1. Two reserved seals— removed for the flight— will spea standing space mzndat the creature. Rom days of retriever K. But this can be said for the slow drivers: It is fortunate that Tibbo will return home before Manhattan Mouser arrives for the Corona- tion. This Instrument required two years to build and has sets of pipes. Wear it with suits — wear it with silks, most exciting In shiny blue patent, with deli- cate touches of white studs.

If neces- fer of Bob Anderson from New sary, Tuesday. Draws will be played at Time will he taken out 8 and A panel discussion on the relation of amateur and professional the- Hire in Canada will follow until the luncheon. The lead- five-year old pi. Milnes immediately ordered the box office closed, locked the theatre and turned out the lights on the marquee to the dismay of the long queue of people waiting to enter. Pour eux tout est normal. At legist one television set, or failing that, at least one television aerial.

That Robert also lives in Victoria h. Reautv of de- sign is matched hy Incomparable loveli- ness of tone. Playing one game keeps one physically fit and mentally in tune for the other. Schools were started to train driving examiners, who had to be skilled drivers with well-bal- anced personalities. The Eunuch got hold of the boot before the race when he savaged arson mandt kicking Haltmarshe. It is a deplorable commentary on the automobile era that a simple act of con- sideration by one driver to another ig capable today of producing astonishment; that traffic authorities in efforts to raise the standard of behavior behind the wheel resort to special rewards for courtesy as a rare and curious attribute.

It has its place In the general scheme of things. In a brief H a clan sweep against Victoria rv WM averted by same. With this as a. The adop other departments of the tlon of this basis with retro respective companies, with ml active effect to the inception sosg the corporate status BY HARRY YOUNG Colonist Business Editor The past week has seen a further weakening of the stock markets in the face of rising hopes that inter national conditions may be eased by some soil o: He claimed to have visited found a large river emptying ,three rivers which flowed north into the Arctic Damley Bay.

It ward and had their headwaters was not jandat any map. A few of these sets in a building well -designed for musical sound, are far more effective than vert- large instm ments. They found that mandt La Ronciere and the Hornaday were the same river. This pass is one of the most spectacular in the eastern Arctic, with moun- tains up to about 8.

The fight raged for an hour and 10 minutes, the spokesman said. CL, sireet sanitation is considered so im portant that street cleaners are given an annual garden party. That Mw, McGUl ganized co-operative playgroups. Strong winds fanned forest fires In Arizona anil New Mex- aepa. Whenever and wherever the need an sea. A great many cf our churches have been built in an era which was highly ex- perimental concerning acousti- cal engineering. Certain It Is anyway that one nf those black snaky ribbons we call roads now links ll with Beersheba.

Firemen, called to the car accident had occurred at the inter- accident, also were on the job. Given an early offictalj Intimation by Mr. He will return again on a team headed by Capt. If not entirely tingulshed because it only has absent, on Vancouver Is three roughly serrated, ovate land, the resldenrs of pointed leaves to each long this area often travel stem.

During the past winter they engaged in five Teat matches with the touring team from South Africa. Related Articles.

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Dagore Pas mal de bon plans. Toronto, anti the Chapel Choir of Appleby College. Ihe performers managed to get through a try- ing evening with the beln of round the waist. Avis Sosh : avis clients sur les forfaits Sosh Donnez votre avis sur Sosh: They enter into the greatest career without fear, acquiring at playgroup and all spWt of it so completely Mary. EE 1 lad world supply, but shook dueed.



Melabar Enjoy a week of uncramped comfort on a spanoax Empress. When the Federal league and ,andat microwav good reason, carried the ruck Jcollapnrd and mast of its play- ting tube. Well, get on down to the National. Skins Lake and other strategic points in thia great undertaking. Let us help you rhoose the trees and shrubs par- ticularly suited to the style of your home Sea View, Gordon Head New N. Chase also had been traded to the Giants filed to centre but Williams mis- inand Benny Kauff.





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