Record-keeping and pay slip obligations ensure employees receive correct wages and entitlements. Visit the record-keeping page to learn about record-keeping requirements and to download our record-keeping templates. End-of-year summaries Income statements There have been changes to the way some employers need to report payroll information to the Australian Taxation Office ATO. This includes payments such as: salaries and wages pay as you go PAYG withholding superannuation information. An employer should advise employees whether they will be receiving a payment summary.

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Any payroll transactions that have been entered using other transaction types will not be captured in PAYG Payment Summaries. Which Method should you use? You will need to have registered and have received your security key to use it so leave yourself plenty of time to meet deadlines. Mapping Your Pay Items Payment summaries display total for pay items in specific fields in the form according to the laws and regulations for your industry and specific situation.

We provide some default mappings but recommend that you seek advice from a registered tax agent or the ATO as to how these mappings should be for your business. Otherwise input a branch number. If a business has one ABN but multiple branches, each branch will have an individual branch number. Email Address Contact email for your organisation. Street Address Line 2 If you have more than 3 lines for the Address field then you will need to select which you prefer to be the second line.

Country Leave this field blank if your company is an Australian resident. Else, complete this field. If you are from another country it will automatically set to It is a person whom the ATO can contact if they have any queries regarding the information provided. Usually an authorised representative allowed to communicate with the ATO on matters for this organisation. They are Payees who you have recorded payroll transactions for this Financial Year. Second name is optional.

Include it in the First Name field if you wish to include it. Saasu will check the validity but not accuracy of the TFN. Street Address Line 1 If you have more than 3 lines for the Address field then you will need to select which you prefer to be the second line. If your employee payee is resident in a country other than Australia it will be set to


PAYG - Payment Summary

Press Enter to confirm the selection. If you want, you can now format these cells for better readabililty. It could look like this: Go to the Active Payments - Sheet. Beginning with the second row, mark all rows containing data, right-click and Delete. Important: Go to the sheet containing the Pivot Table and click in any field before you save, so everytime you use the template, it will open this sheet. Now save the file and close it. You can now upload the template for future use.


ATO 2017 PAYG payment summary statement PDF editable tax forms



PAYG payment summaries


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