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Page 8: Display Contents 2. Display Contents mode 1 1. Current speed 2. Trip time 6. Stop watch TIM 8. Stop watch— average speed 4. Stop watch— maximum speed 5. Page 9 mode 2 Cadence rpm Gear number digital Main display Lap counter Gear ratio cadence Gear indicator Maximum bar speed Pace Arrow Average speed Low battery display Page 14 7 Cadence rpm Cadence is calculated from the F - R gear tooth numbers and current speed.

Note; Cadence always appears during bicycle movement regardless if the crankarms are rotating. Page 15 10 Digital gear number F - R Gear combinations are displayed when a shift has been made. This will show for approx 4 seconds then original screen will return. Page Setting Tolerances 5. Viewing data after removing the computer from the bracket mount The data can still be viewed even when the computer has been removed from the handlebar bracket.

Page 18 Install the levers to the handlebars. Then connect and adjust the brake and shifting cables. Put a rubber shim between the fork and the sensor as shown in fig5.

Page 20 2 Checking the number of chainring and sprocket teeth Check whether the front chainwheel is a double or a triple chainwheel. Page 22 5 Entering the number of chainring and sprocket teeth The display will then change to that shown in fig8. Page 23 Enter the number of teeth for the inner chainring for double front chainwheel or the middle chainring for triple front chainwheel.

This Fig. This will indicate that there is no 8th sprocket, and the operation for entering the number of sprocket teeth will be complete. Page 25 7 Setting the time Fig.

Set the time to one minute later than the current time. This manual is also suitable for:.


Handleiding Shimano Flightdeck



Shimano SC-6500 Flight-Deck



Shimano FlightDeck SC-6502 Manuals & User Guides


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