The effect of this book is like being trapped in a room with a manic-depressive during the manic part of his cycle. Imagine a cross between Brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys and a late-night infomercial. Then add a dash of narcissistic personality disorder to get an idea of the tone of this book. This book is Timothy Ferriss spoke at a management meeting last week where I work. This book is one in a series of books lately -- including Rich Dad, Poor Dad -- that damns the middle class for a lack of imagination as demonstrated by showing up for work every day and upholding the social contract, among other things.

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Millionaire Without Millions Do you need to work like a slave to live like a millionaire? Tim Ferris says that the common sense rules of the world are nothing but fragile collections of socially reinforced illusions. Meaning: no, being a millionaire and living like a millionaire are two different things. Alternating work and rest is necessary to work at your full potential Less Is Not Laziness.

Our culture glorifying sacrifice over productivity is bogus The Timing is Never Right. Also espoused by StrengthsFinder 2. The per year income is arbitrary and misleading.

Time is equally important and it becomes more important once you reach the minimum amount for your goals Distress Is Bad. And the upside potential will still be there. Ferris says that people keep working when they use a financial goal instead of defining what they want and how they will remove themselves from their business.

Being busy is a form of laziness: lazy thinking and indiscriminate action. And being overwhelmed is as unproductive as doing nothing and far more unpleasant and unhealthier. Busy is a form of laziness Escape the Office In an office environment you are expected to work 40 hours minimum no matter if you can produce the same results in 5.

Be a member of your target market instead so you know it inside out. Be First The author recommends you become the largest, best or first. Be a big fish in a small pond instead of a big fish in a big pond. Tim Ferris prefers first. Price High Less competition, more customers with money who will return and complain less. Between 50 and , higher customers need to speak to someone. One Clear Sentence Your main benefit should be one sentence.

And clear. People can dislike, but should never misunderstand you Getting Fired is Great Tim Ferris quit 3 jobs and got fired from all the rest. One of the reasons Ferris attracted criticism though is that both his advice and personal background sometimes fall into a gray area. But in my opinion, it gets too much at times when he provides URLs and phone numbers! Such as, a bit too many topics in one book. But I have to add this: I enjoyed them all.

Genetic, Mass Tourism Travel Tips Tim Ferris says that your destination is as safe as your place and that worries are overplayed. Misleading Information on Favelas Just a little later Ferris says he avoided favelas because of civilians with machine guns and pedestrians wielding machetes. Where did he get that idea?

You can enter favelas in relative safety, they have electricity and running water. Imprecise Travel Tips Travel tips tend to be quick and dirty, not adding much value in my opinion. Ferris mentions Taipei mentioned as part of his Chinese recommendation, but only Chinese people believe Taipei is in China :.

Sound Self Aggrandizing Oh well, Ferris: I could be racing motorcycles in Europe, scubadiving on a private island in Panama, resting under a palm tree between kickboxing sessions in Thailand or dancing tango in Buenos Aires. I live in Berlin and the cheap rent Ferris boasts is double what he mentions, if not triple. Poor Feedback Technique Ferris shares quite a few great communication insights, including negotiation techniques.

I see quite a bit of myself in Tim Ferris. That guy is me, but just a bit brighter, smarter, much more successful, and taller. Albeit that last one is easy :.

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The 4-Hour Workweek

More than 1,, members contribute tips and warnings for more than 25, locations. This is one-stop shopping for most mini-retirements. This site is a fantastic resource. Drop me a note from the Caymans or jail, whichever comes first. From meditation camps to worldwide adrenaline hotspots, dream jobs to Patagonia winter highlights, there are hundreds of articles with beautiful photos to give you the walkabout itch. Lonely Planet: The Thorn Tree — Discussion forum for global travelers with threads separated by region.


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