First, my earliest recall-able memories are from my time spent as a child in the Philippines, at Clark Air Force Base, Take a careful look at those years - yep, I was there when South Vietnam fell to the Vietminh. I clearly remember driving past the flight-line to go with my mother to the commissary for groceries and seeing a pair of Chinooks landing. One sported a big white square with a red cross emblazoned on it. I saw I connected with Vietnamerica on a couple of levels, emotionally.

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Having escaped escaped Vietnam in on a boat with his family friends, Hoa is the only survivor. He currently lives outside of Ft. Worth, TX where he teaches martial arts. After the defeat of the South, he was sent to a communist re-education camp for three years.

Once released, Hoa and his family were forced to flee to avoid further persecution. Lewis Sorley, Ph. The book was also on a mandatory reading list at the Pentagon and White House during both the Bush and Obama administrations.

Robert Turner, Ph. He has also taught at Westpoint and the U. Naval War College. As a child, Luong fled Vietnam by helicopter in the last days before Saigon fell. He has served in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Haiti. She was awarded the Dr. Arthur E. Bisson Prize for Achievement in Naval Technology and the National Security Medal for significant contribution to the nation in activities related to national security. He spent 15 years in communist prison. She was temporarily imprisoned for her writings and outspoken criticism of corruption in the Vietnamese government.

She spent her life helping Vietnamese political prisoners qualify for asylum in the US. The VAHF is a non-profit organization formed in to record the Vietnamese Americans immigrant experience for educational and public awareness purposes.

The VAHF has collected over , pages of documents, materials, and pictures related to the history of Vietnamese Americans, especially the group of former Political Prisoners. Bui escaped from her homeland by boat with her two young children in The surrender ushered in an era of communist control and persecution of anyone associated with the U.







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Vietnamerica: A Family's Journey


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